Denver Langley Tessier — Eighteen Months

Well, what do you know? Denver has been a Tessier for a whole month. We are walking on clouds around here…amazed that we have TWO daughters. TWO. So fun. My friend and fellow adoptive parent, Bethann Jackson said it well…I’m paraphrasing here…Though we had given Denver our hearts from the beginning, we had not allowed ourselves dreams of her future…a future with us. And so, we giddily dream and plan for Eden and Denver to grow up together…loving each other…punching and pushing and pinching each other…knowing that one day, when they are grown, they will have the precious gift of having survived an upbringing with a quirky mom and adoring father.

Denver is such a delight. Though a bit grumpy these days, due to our inability to understand her grunts, she is a joyous creature…full of laughter and light. We adore her and all that she adds to our lives.

At one year and six months, Denver:

  • has several words: Denver, apple, down, hat, yee-haw, yea-ah (yea), hot coff (hot coffee)
  • calls our dog, Clancy, “Can-cky.”
  • barks like our dog, Two-Two.
  • makes sure Phil gets a coffee cup in the morning for his “hot coff.”
  • loves playing in the backyard on her own.
  • adores play kitchens. She has one in the backyard and is continually preparing yummy dishes for us.
  • likes her hands to be CLEAN.
  • enjoys playing in mulch. She fills up bowls, or her hands, and brings me her offerings.
  • LOVES the sandbox…we have two. Why yes, I am a bit of a minimalist. but no one can never have too many I consider having merely two sandboxes to be a victory when it comes to minimizing.
  • brought Phil the cooking spray and signed “cook.”
  • busted her lip. Owie! It swelled up for a couple of days.
  • put on a pink cowboy had and said, “Hat, yee-haw.”
  • loves to play with buckles! She congratulates herself each time she is successful…claps and says “yea-ah.”
  • had a play date with her mamacita (bio mom.) It was dreamy!!! We look forward to many, many, MANY more.
  • took a road trip to Keller to stay with Mimi and Gramps. She was a champ in the car, though it took 7 hours to make the 5-hour trip. Highlights = trampoline park, time with cousins and aunts and uncles, learning to say “Mimi.” (Mimi made her practice and practice and practice…she finally said it…once), playing  with Mimi and Gramps and their awesome toys!
  • moves…nonstop. Phil asked me, “Was Eden ever like this? Did Eden go, go, go?” I had to laugh at that…our precious Eden takes after me…happy to sit and hang out. So, ummm, Denver is on her own with the high-energy. Good thing we have a border collie!
  • likes to wear ribbons. Tee hee. She KNOWS she looks gooooood.
  • loves to communicate through grunts. Though her vocabulary, both signed and spoken, is expanding, her preferred mode of communication is the grunt. It’s a classic.
  • has a BFF…I believe I have mentioned Daveigh before. The two are a couple of weeks apart. I watch Daveigh a few times a week…and the two of them together are a hoot. They love/hate each other. They like to sit side-by-side for meals, sharing food and feeding each other. Denver gets a bit possessive of me at times…but for the most part, girl is a natural second-born = she does not know what it is to NOT have to share. Daveigh, a first-born, stakes claim to toys, and Denver kinda shrugs it off…but not always…and that’s when things get interesting.
  • loves playing with water…filling up cups or bowls and dumping them. We keep the backdoor open during the day, so we are working on Denver dumping water outside rather than in. Of course, every once in a while, the floor needs a good dowsing of water!

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