Eden — Three and Four

If I have not mentioned it before, Eden has crossed over completely…she is a little girl. I say this with awe, wonder, and not a little sadness. How did she get to be so big? How did she get to be so interesting and engaging? She is amazing – funny, smart, strong, imaginative, sweet, friendly, curious, and a touch ornery…but only when it comes to Denver. We are in love with our Eden.

At three years and four months, Eden:

  • takes her mama’s breath away…just by being.
  • enjoyed spring break. Having no interruptions for a week brought a refreshing, easy-going feel to our week. Of course, Eden missed her friends desperately…one in particular, Jaxon. Unfortunately, I did not have Jaxon’s contact information to set up a play date. We resorted to prayer. Daily we prayed, “Dear Lord, please let us run into Jaxon today.” No run-ins occurred. I made SURE to get Jaxon’s info as soon as school started again!
  • played hostess during spring break. We had several folks over that week. Eden ate it up! She loves, loves, loves hosting people.
  • enjoyed a visit from her cousins, Lindsey and Matthew, and her Aunt Christy and Uncle Jonah. Matthew and Lindsey were so sweet to Eden! They included her in everything and made her feel like she was one of the big kids. So sweet!
  • asked for a purple swimming pool. I panicked…where in the world was I going to find a purple pool?  Lo and behold, H.E.B. has purple swimming pools this year, praise Jesus.
  • loves the color purple…not the book…but you probably know that.
  • notes the weather each day on our handy-dandy weather chart. (I, Jan Tessier, was crafty and made it. Eh. It happens.)
  • took a trip up north to visitthePicciutis.
    • I picked her up at school for the trip. We were still in the church parking lot when she asked, “Are we there yet?” Yep. We proceeded to travel for 7.5 hours…stops included…in which she repeated that question every 30 minutes or so. Good times.
    • Eden loved the pirate room at Mimi’s. There were pirate decorations on the wall and a pirate bedspread. She also relished dressing up as a pirate, complete with parrot on shoulder.
    • Eden got to spend one whole day with Cousin Charlie. This day included a trip to a trampoline park. We all loved it (park AND spending time with an energetic, fun boy!)
    • Eden got to spend time with ALL the Picciutis, which made me (and her) very happy.
    • Eden got to play with Lindsey and Matthew…Matthew is her favorite Picciuti…so, that’s a pretty big deal. Bonus, Lindsey and Matthew are sooooo good with Eden. They would make GREAT babysitters. Perhaps we should move up north?
    • Eden enjoyed snuggling with Gramps…be still my heart.
    • Eden LOVED “swimming” in Mimi and Gramp’s tub. Lots o’ tub…lots o’ bubbles…lots o’ fun.
    • Eden loved having Mimi read to her and read to her and read to her…especially stories about My Little Pony stuff.
  • does NOT like pants anymore. Actually, to be fair, she does not like tight clothing…and girl has some legs…so pants are tight. She comes absolutely unglued if anything is too constricting. She prefers naked when possible, but settles for skirts and dresses.
  • has a pair of house shoes that she MUST put on if she needs to trek to our room in the middle of the night. Must. Wear. House. Shoes. She is precious.
  • got to spend time with Miss Wanda (one of my dear “widow friends”). Wanda spent the night and snuggled and played with Eden all morning. So sweet. I so wish Wanda still lived in San Antonio! Again…perhaps we should move up north?
  • tells Clancy, “Speak” anytime she holds his paw. It’s the durndest thing.
  • has begun to ask “Why.” Good times. We often employ, “Because I said so.”
  • got binoculars at the zoo. She LOVES them and uses them frequently.
  • is exhibiting leadership more and more…she wants to guide and direct and order about. This is a new gig to me…raising a leader type. I do my best to encourage her natural tendency…even though my natural tendency is to jump on her for being bossy. Sigh. I hope and pray we both come out of this emotionally intact.
  • loves salsa! Yea. Finally. Up til now, she did not want it, would not try it, did not like it (thought she’d never tried it). Suddenly, she dipped a chip into some salsa and it was love at first taste. Of course, we must pick out all of the green pieces. (Sometimes the girl channels Chuck Picciuti.)
  • jumps onto the fireman’s pole at the park and slides down. Big girl.
  • is becoming such a helper! She takes after her daddy in this area. She is always looking for ways to help me: wiping up spills, picking up trash, tattling on Denver…anything to help.
  • can lock and unlock our sliding glass door. This is both a blessing and a curse.
  • asked me if “will power” was a super hero. I read the words in a book and she was trying to make sense of this new phrase. Clever girl.
  • uses the term “last night” for any event that has occurred in the past. For example, Denver was adopted last night. Cute stuff.
  • has been reported to have sung the ABC’s…several sources has reported this event upon several different occassions…SEVERAL…I am not one of the witnesses. Sigh.
  • responds to any problem with, “It’s alright,” or “It will be alright.” She is such an encourager.
  • lets me know when I am frustrated and need to be kinder with my words…or speak in a softer tone. Ahem.
  • is a constant source of delight…and frustration…and delight.

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