Denver — Nineteen Months

Denver is getting to be such a big girl.She is such a sweet addition to our family…at once reticent…then bold and assertive. Oh our precious second-born! She watches everything and everybody…taking in a situation before she asserts herself…or declines to assert. She is a girl of few words, but many grunts, shrieks, and gestures. Her verbal vocabulary is growing, but her preference is sign…even when she knows how to say a word, she prefers to sign it. Eh.

Denver is selectively affectionate. She does NOT appreciate Eden’s touchy-feely ways. Many of Denver’s shrieks and protests are at Eden’s insistence on TOUCHING HER. Poor girl. Denver likes touch, but is very selective about when and for heaven’s sakes…how long!

At nineteen months, Denver:

  • likes to play Peek-a-boo Barn on my phone. She calls is “bah!”
  • adores sour cream. She would eat it by the spoonful if we let her.
  • pats me gently on the back when she hugs me.
  • says “tah dah” when she does something she is proud of.
  • wipes up spills with her feet…just like her mama…and her daddy…and her big sister.
  • has mastered the buckle. She can be easily entertained with a car seat…or wagon seat…or high chair.
  • loves to throw out poo-poo diapers. She gets so excited at the prospect of marching it outside to the trashcan.
  • signs “I Love You’ by shaking a fist.
  • loves when Phil counts “one…two…three…” so she can shout “FOUR!”
  • moves and grooves to music…even when the music is the grinder of the juicer.
  • tinkled in the potty…and announces each time she tinkles in her diaper.
  • says “Amen” at the end of a prayer.
  • does prayer hands (folds them together) whenever we pray.
  • told her Sunday school teacher, “I am good.” when the teacher asked her, “How are you today?”
  • says “Mama, mama, mama, mama” for general distress. Nice.
  • has lots of words now. She has recently added the following:
    • hello
    • open
    • hot coffee
    • baby

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