Eden — Three and Five

Eden is currently a bundle of delight, while at the same time, a fistful of trouble. Oi. One thing is for sure, she is a girl who does what she does with all that she is…hmmmm…sounds a bit like her Grandma Hester Sue! This makes my heart happy…and just a bit quivery.

At three years and five months, Eden:

  • is such a big helper! She holds Denver’s hand to cross the street; she brings me items from across the house; she runs and fetches like crazy.
  • talks to herself more and more…including lots of imaginary conversations with play friends.
  • is getting the hang of the potty. If only she had a more consistent teacher. Eh.
  • has finally mastered the I Love You sign. Dreamy. For a long time, she just put out a thumb and forefinger…now that pinky sticks out too!
  • caught minnows for the first time while on a camping trip. She was amazed…and loved touching them.
  • went camping at Garner State Park. We found the river to be very, very kid-friendly. The girls could basically walk from one side of the river to the other…plus not much, if any, yucky moss.
  • has an insatiable appetite for books these days. Yea! “Read to me” is music to my ears.
  • told us “God is Jesus.” Oddly, for such a big theological declaration, I do not remember the background. Still, she’s getting the basics of our faith.
  • is very in tune with my many moods. That girl can read me better than…well, my own mother could. Even when I think I’m covering it well, Eden will say, “Mommy, you’re frustrated,” OR “Mommy, you’re mad.” OF COURSE, each declaration is followed by the appropriate Daniel Tiger jingle.
  • takes exception to my enthusiasm, “Mommy, you are too loud.” Hmmmm, I’m either too frustrated or too happy for her taste.
  • LOVES the song “Jesus Love the Little Children,” but detests, “Jesus Loves Me.”
  • breaks up disagreements that Phil and I have by coming over and saying, “Hey you two. Cut it out.”
  • yelled at me from the bathroom, “Mama, will you just come in here and hang out with me?” Love this girl!!!
  • likes her cheese sticks warmed…not cold…just like her mama.
  • is a source of wonder, amusement, and a few mama-tears.

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