Dedicated — Denver

Dearest, precious Denver,

Exactly three years ago, we dedicated your sister Eden. Today, your father and I stood before friends and family on Sunday evening, May 24, 2015 – the day before Memorial Day –  professing our desire to raise you in the knowledge and admiration of the Lord. In preparing for this moment, we were encouraged to write a letter, telling you what we want you to become. Well Denver, I want you to become you.  And that, sweet daughter, is my pledge to you – to honor God by guiding  you in your discovery of His design for you and your life.

Here are some additional thoughts from me and Dear Old Dad:

We want you, dearest Denver:

  • to know your need for a savior
  • to accept Jesus as your savior.
  • to center your life on Christ.
  • to know your spiritual gifts and to use them faithfully.
  • to laugh often and well.
  • to be a light of hope and healing.
  • to know and pursue your God-given passions.
  • to be pure in mind and body.
  • to love and appreciate nature.
  • to be wise and discerning.
  • to be brave.
  • to be gentle.
  • to be kind.
  • to be honest.
  • to live with integrity.
  • to have a biblical understanding of finances.
  • to respond in grace rather than judgment.
  • to value family.
  • to pursue simplicity.
  • to love and honor your birth family.

This list is a work in progress…as are you, my sweet. We love you so dearly,

Mom and Dad


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