Denver — 20 Months

Denver’s language is coming along…fewer grunts and more spoken words…signing like crazy. She still gets pretty frustrated when we do not understand her, poor girl. Slowly but surely, we are all getting there. For now, we are embracing our little sponge as she soaks in language…savoring her attempts and mispronunciations…and awaiting the day she pours forth her thoughts and we comprehend her more fully.

At twenty months, Denver:

  • is super snuggly. I love how she melts into my arms and gently pats my back. Dreamy, dreamy sigh.
  • is talking so much. We don’t understand a lot of what she is saying…but boy is she saying it! She will attempt just about any word that we ask her to repeat…as long as it’s not just for show. Kids.
  • called me Jan-Jan.
  • loves to ring the doorbell. Loves it. The dogs are getting used to it.
  • loves to push buttons…but in a good way.
  • pretends to read books…complete with gibberish and the moving of the head from left to right. Ahhh. A reading teacher’s dream.
  • is becoming more possessive of da mama. She is VERY jealous when Daveigh (her b.f.f.) is here and wants to be held all the time.
  • said “Amen, dig in” after prayer.
  • continues to dislike sweets…which astounds me. Did you even know there were kids that do not like PURE, UNADULTERATED sugar??? The exception to the rule = mini cupcakes and fruit chews. She will eat fruit chews til she passes out…don’t ask how I know. (Kidding!)
  • loves to be held on my left hip…but with one hand only. When I forget and bring that right arm around to support her leg…fury. Pure fury.
  • has the most beautiful blue eyes. Eden and Phil have blue eyes…and I figured blue eye were blue eyes. Right? Oh no. Denver’s have a dark blue ring on the outside with lighter blue on the inside…sometimes there are flecks of green. So lovely.
  • loves her Nana (Nancy Tessier). Nana came to stay for three weeks (NOT long enough). Denver and Nana had a few adventures all on their own:
    • Blessedly, Nana watched Denver for me on several occasions so I could run errands. (Such a gift!) During one such espisode, Nana just sat back and watched cause that Denver can entertain herself.
    • Denver liked to disappear into Nana’s room for visits.
    • Denver laughed hysterically as Nana “played” with her recliner…back (giggle, giggle, giggle), up (giggle, giggle, giggle), back….
  • got to see Papa (John D) and Lulu (Claudine). The grands came for a quick visit. Denver loved playing “This Little Piggie” with Papa.
  • was dedicated at church…several family members were in attendance…both sides of the family! Plus, her bio parents came. Both. Of. Them. While we have come to love her mamacita…we have never really talked to her daddio. His attendance was a surprise orchestrated by God. Just beautiful. It deserves a post all its own.

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