Eden — Three and Six

Holy cow, this girl is a handful of bold, sweet, extroversion! Blessedly, I recently discovered that…well…Eden is an extrovert. How did I not realize it? Evidence: talks all. the. time. Let me repeat…she talks all. the. time. And she wants to interact…all. the. time. Have a mentioned that I’m an introvert? And that interaction with others can suck the very life out of me???? I kept wondering what I was doing wrong. Why was she so needy? (Needy being that she wanted to be with me and talk to me…all. the. time.) Imagine my relief when I discovered…nothing wrong with her. Nothing wrong with my parenting (well, you know….nothing critically wrong.) She is just extroverted! Happy to say, I am starting to enjoy life with an extrovert. Just takes some very strong boundaries. Imagine that!

At three years and six months, Eden:

  • makes up new words to various songs. We love “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me…” Eden changed the words to “Mr. Mom, Mom, Mr. Golden Mom….”
  • does not like for me to apologize to her. I think she cannot bear the vulnerability, but am not sure what’s up with this little quirk.
  • missed a play date at Morgan’s Wonderland due to rain. We only visit on the first or third Friday of the month because they have a special rate. Anyhoo, the last month was loooong, and there were 20 days between the third Friday of May and the first Friday of June…and Eden asked every day…for 20 days…if we were going to Morgan’s Wonderland. Happily, the blessed day arrived and Eden had a blast.
  • met her match in the form of little Miss Gwen. Gwen is five…a first-born…and very outgoing. It was sooooo good for Eden to play with someone who “got her.” Plus, I was able to pick up some tips on raising a little leader from Nicky (Gwen’s mama.) Nicky’s been at this a bit longer than me, so I relished her input. Nicky is the first person who has given me clear advice on the “bossy” thing. How in the world does one address the bossy thing without squashing the leadership thing? Coaching! “Leaders _____. What you just did was bossy. A leader says _____.” Voila!
  • broke into song when I said, “Eden, you need to listen to me.” She sang, “I need to listen to my heart.”
  • struggles with listening. Sigh. 99% of her disciplinary issues are due to not listening. Urg!!!!!!
  • decided she wanted a teeter totter. This little gem was featured in two of the books we got from the library. So Phil made one for her! (He used a plank from the garage and a BIG brick as a fulcrum. Works beautifully!)
  • calls me Jannie or Jannie Jan or Miss Jan.
  • says “oat” as the past tense of “eat.”
  • poured a whole bottle of Mr. Bubble into the tub…with no water…and jumped in for some slippery fun. Yep.
  • loves the sound system in the car and now demands “louder, louder, louder.” However, it took a while for me to figure out that she wanted me to turn on music. She was telling me, “Mama, sing at the top,” and she’d point to the ceiling. I tried sitting up really tall and singing loudly…but nope, this only made her more resolute. “Mom! No! Sing up here! Sing up here,” pointing furiously upward. It was only by accident that I figured it out. Out of frustration, I turned on the radio…to drowned out the demands of my daughter…only to be met with sheer joy. “Yes, Mom! Sing up here.”
  • wrapped up another year of Kids Day Out. Sniff, sniff.
  • sings “Gravy the Lord” for “Great is the Lord.”
  • thinks that “Jesus is a cutie.”
  • asked me what late meant. We rarely, if ever, are in a hurry to be anywhere. Okay, Sunday morning is the exception. Urg. Anyhoo, we had a play date scheduled and our friend sent a text, “We will be late,” and Eden had no idea what that meant.
  • misunderstood me when I said “Denver’s ear is lightening.” (Denver has a birthmark behind her ear…and it is slowly getting lighter.) Eden rushed to tell Phil, “Dad! Denver has lightning in her ear!”
  • is getting to be a pro with the whole going potty thing! Yea!!!
  • has a Field Guide to North American Birds. It’s pretty thick. Anyhoo, I pulled it out recently for Eden to enjoy. She calls it her Bible. Funny kid.
  • is a fantastic care taker. I was sick recently and she reminded me, “Mom, when I was sick, you gave me Pedialyte.” Then she and Phil got some for me…it really helped! Sweetie girl.
  • is just so stinkin’ sweet! I was snuggling with her and I said, “Eden, you are a sweetie-girl.” She responded in kind, “Mom, you are a sweetie-mama.” Swoon.

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