Denver — Twenty-One Months

Ladies and Gentlemen…we have a mama’s girl!!!! (for now) Yes, the precious angel who worships her father has turned her affections and devotions…to me. I am soaking it up, cause it may not stick. She has never preferred me (sniff, sniff). Phil is gracious and generous concerning her transfer of affection. (He’s a one-of-a-kind.)

Denver’s language has exploded this month! She is talking more and more and grunting less and less.

At twenty-one months, Denver:

  • is fearless at the trampoline park. She has amazing balance! We are thinking about gymnastics for her. She’s a natural.
  • likes to brush our hair.
  • lets us know when she has to tinkle or poo poo.
  • is silly. She held a watermelon rind to her ear like a phone and grinned and grinned!
  • attended her first Beck Family Reunion. (Growing up, we went every summer…Stonewall, Colorado…ahhhh. Sweet memories). She charmed everyone with her blue/green eyes and her sweet curls. A couple of folks thinks she looks like me. Ha. Her favorite person was Audene Beck…cause Audene can be ornery. Denver has good taste!
  • loves the kitchen…play kitchens or real kitchens. She enjoys pretending to cook AND helping me with the real cooking.
  • MUST learn to speak better for our next road trip. For our trip to the Houston area for the family reunion, Denver gave us fits…or we gave her fits. She still rides backwards and we were in a truck…so not much wiggle room. From the back seat…facing backward…she kept hollering for something…everything she said sounded like “buh buh.” I kept throwing back apple sauces, cheese sticks, anything to appease. Truly. Clear speech would come in handy. (Of course, we adore her “buh buh buh”.)
  • can climb out of the pool on her own.
  • blows bubbles in the pool.
  • has had the following verbal declarations:
    • Hold you.
    • Pee pee
    • “Dipuh” for diaper
    • Hi sissy.
    • Cheese!
    • Let go!!!!!
    • Thank you…spontaneously…of her own accord.
    • Welcome…of her own accord.
    • “Cuse me” for excuse me.
    • Hiding, hiding, hiding. (She gleefully declared this as we hid under the blanket with Eden…waiting for Daddy to find us!)

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