Eden — Three and Seven

Eden, I must confess, IS a mini-me…to an extent…to the extent that anyone is like anyone else. Granted, girl is an extrovert and I am an introvert, but aside from that, we share a dreamy mind-set (head in clouds), a deep and abiding love for mankind and animals (MUST touch…and hug…and squeal with delight…MUST), a quick and fiery temper that dissolves into anguished remorse, a quirky and friendly conversation style, and an entire vocabulary made up of non-words…sighs, squeals, squeaks, grunts, facial contortions, hand squeezes, arm squeezes, and face squeezes. She makes my heart happy.

At three years and seven months, Eden:

  • made breakfast just for me. She brought me a bowl of yogurt with granola sprinkled on top…and melted my heart.
  • has discoverd the song “There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.” She found it troubling. How could she swallow all those things…they were ANIMALS! Plus, she died. This song did not sit well with her.
  • loves her Beck cousins. She attended the Beck Family Reunion and adored Cammy, Brookly, and Landon. The others were okay, too.
  • has noticed the size of my legs, “Mom! Your legs are so BIG!” (Yes, yes baby girl. Know ’em and love ’em cause you got ’em too, honey. And boy do you rock ’em! They are GREAT and strong and will take you far in life.)
  • uses manners…with those outside of her family at least. A man was in her way and she kindly said, “Excuse me, sir,” and walked around him.
  • is NOT a toddler. Is not, is not, is not. When did she become a pre-schooler?
  • says “stank you,” for “thank you.” This may be my all-time favorite vocab quirk.
  • has lost the railing on her big-girl bed. Now she sleeps in a twin with nothing to hold her in…and she has yet to fall out.
  • took swimming lessons. Since she loves water and took lessons when she was wee, we figured she would LOVE swim lessons. We were wrong. Bless her heart. The first day was okay. The second day she started “acting” out. The third day she flipped out on the way there…and her coach sweetly gave her a lesson in the baby pool. Fourth day was okay. She was soooo happy once lessons ended. (So were we.)
  • learned to jump rope, thanks to the kids from the day-care who were playing at the park when we were. A couple of six-year-olds took Eden under their wings and taught her a thing or two. It was precious. Eden was very proud of herself. Um, she doesn’t jump rope in the conventional sense…though she can pull it over her head…and jump…just not in a coordinated style that allows her to jump over the rope. Cute stuff.
  • was introduced to Lilo and Stitch (as was I! Thanks, Phil.) We both love it.
  • made an over-night excursion to Albuquerque, NM. She had been looking forward to this mysterious place for weeks and weeks.
  • made her home in a hotel…Homewood Suites, to be exact…or “The Golden Duck” as Eden referred to it.
  • is a hair chewer. Sigh. Not a battle I want to fight. Sigh. I may cut her hair. Sigh. She says it tastes sweet. Hmmm. Perhaps more candy in her diet?
  • is a planner. Phil pointed this cuteness out to me…I guess I overlooked it because I, too, am a planner. She will detail they way our day will go or how we will attack grocery shopping or pack for a trip. “First we will have breakfast. Then we will do chore. Then we will go play. After that we’ll have lunch and watch a movie. Denver will take a nap but I would like to stay awake. Okay, Mom? Maybe you could read a book. And then….”
  • is a HUGE help to any little kid that is not Denver.
  • has been known to charge me like a bull (temper thing I mentioned earlier.) She will take a running start and push me with all her might…and a look of death. I take it in stride, recognizing that temper thing…and wait. As long as I don’t react, a look of disbelief comes across her face…as if to say, “Did I just do that?” And then the tears of remorse. Oh, my precious girl. I know. (Note…if you are frail of stature, do not anger the child. She’s one tough cookie…with VERY strong legs.)

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