Denver — Twenty Two Months

Denver spent three of the last four weeks on the road. Seems like we got back home and suddenly she’s a big girl…talking more…so much sturdier…or less toddle-y…taller…bigger. And I realized, Eden was twenty two months when Denver was born. Sigh. Sure enough, looked at photos of when Denver came to live with us, and Eden was right about where Denver is now. How is that possible?

I am certain time on the road added to Denver’s burst of development. Heaven knows, she experienced plenty of new adventures.

At twenty two months, Denver:

  • signs like a pro. Not only can she do Baby Signing Time volumes 1-4 forward and backwards, she sings her heart out to the theme song. I must, must, must capture it on video…but must, must, must be sneaky. Girl does not like to perform!
  • traveled to Albuquerque, NM for a fun-filled adventure.
  • enjoyed saving bugs from the hotel swimming pool.
  • snuggles so sweetly these days. She hugs tightly, rests her head on my shoulder, and gently pats my back. Girl melts her mama.
  • loves her baby doll so tenderly.
  • must sleep with her lovey and blankie. She asks for both upon getting into bed AND getting up from bed. “Lovey” is pronounced “lubby.”
  • still has her morning ritual of sitting on my lap for a bottle of milk (sounds like book when she says it). We will keep this up until September 24, when she turns two. (What will we do then?? Perhaps I can get her to sit on my lap with her blankie and lubby while I drink my morning coffee??)
  • transitioned to hotel-living better than the rest of us. I think it is because we took her pack-and-play, which made naps and bedtime more like home.
  • loves pushing elevator buttons.
  • loves using the key to get into the room.
  • can start her own DVD. Sigh. So big!
  • must, must, must keep me in eyesight. Actually, it’s just best if I hold her…all the time. And if I try to put her down, she does the killer-monkey-grip. I cannot shake her off for anything. I want to hold her all the time, but life, ya know. So I strap her on my back and we all win!
  • did not enjoy the train trip to Denver much at all. I wore her on my back  until she fell asleep. She napped for two of the four-hour trip. Nice.
  • tolerated the bus okay. There was some screaming…but not much. Blessedly, not many folks were traveling by bus these days. Denver LOVED the freedom of riding in a “car” with NO seat belts. She traveled old school = standing in the seat, climbing on the seat, jumping in the seat. When things got a bit much for our girl, I set up a play area on the floor (the handicap area has LOTS of leg room.) This grossed Phil out a bit. Eh. It was clean…ish.
  • LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Coplens’ trampoline. She was on it all the time. And boy, can that girl JUMP.
  • fell in love immediately with Ky-der and UncGreg. She warms quickly to males and sloooowly to females. She soon fell for Kilian, Celis, and Chea-Chea too.
  • clung to Phil on the bus/train trip back from Denver to Albuquerque. Since we did six days in Denver without him, she would not let him out of her sight. (Traveling by bus and train went MUCH smoother with Phil along. Much!)
  • talks so much now. Giggles so much. Talks and giggles so much! She is blossoming beautifully.
  • can count to ten. No lie. The girl is a genius.
  • returned to her daddy’s girl status the last week of our trip. Eh. It was a good while it lasted.
  • was in her first (only…please Lord, only) car wreck. My fault! As far as wrecks go, it was not too bad. Eden says we bumped another car. So, I bumped another car and we all walked away with no scratches. The cars, not so much. (In fact, our van is still in Albuquerque being repaired. It will be ready on August 14!)
  • enjoyed meeting the Brouse family. (A house full of kids to entertain her. What’s not to love?) We did a couple of sleepovers at their casa in the mountains. Sleep was not our friend during the trip, but being with friends was good.
  • got her first (only, please Lord, only) case of pink eye (as did the rest of her family!)
  • loved all the airplanes that flew over our hotel. We were right by the airport, so Denver was in plane heaven.
  • was a traveling trooper! She’s a champ.

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