Eden — Three an Eight

My darling Eden lives out loud. I will never have to wonder what she is thinking or where she stands on something…and this has its perks. Also, the girl is an initiator! She takes my breath away…amazes me…intimidates me with her need…her insatiableness…and endears herself to my heart so fervently. I am helplessly devoted to the girl…and that’s just the way she likes it!

At three years and eight months, Eden:

  • has been in her first car wreck. (I noted this in Denver’s update.) Eden was cool as a cucumber about “the bump.”
  • loves, loves, loves bus rides. On our first Greyhound, I thought the girl was gonna come out of her skin. She gleefully sat in her seat and pulled a belt across her (it was waaaaay too big…but we finagled the shoulder strap behind her because she had, had, had to wear a seat belt. Oh the joy!)
  • loves the bus toilet. “It smells so good in here.” Ummmm, yeah.
  • took her first train trip from Albuquerque to Denver. Phil bought her some Silly Putty for the trip. I was highly skeptical of the choice of purchase. I should know by now, never underestimate Phil and his cunning. Eden played with the Silly Putty the entire train ride to Raton, NM (a four-hour ride.) It kept her fully engaged. Niiice.
  • thought the sleeper car on the train ride home from Denver was awesome. (And it was.)
  • developed quite the taste for Disney Jr. Three weeks out of our three-week trip…the girl was enthralled with characters “new to her.” In no particular order…she had a steady diet of Sophia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Whew. Those things are on a loop…all. day. long. I am happy to report that upon returning home, she quit cold turkey, and had no withdrawals. Whew.
  • spoke often of “Hook and Peter Bell” from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Adorable.
  • soaked up her Coplen cousins. Granted, she was scared of Kyser for the first 3 days…not sure why. Once she spent time with him at the aquarium, it was all over…she fell in love.
  • played every musical instrument the Coplen House had to offer…recorder, harmonica, piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin, drums.
  • learned to chew gum…sorta. She had an ear ache the first week of our trip. After a trip to urgent care proved “nothing wrong with her ear,” we tried gum for possible altitude issues. Though I explained the concept fully, and offered only small portions of gum…she eventually made a game out of “Ooops, Mom. I swallowed my gum….again.” Stinker.
  • was the first to succumb to pinkeye. Ten days later, Phil, Denver and I followed suit.
  • sometimes needs help pulling up her panties after going potty. Phil was across the room from Eden, and she tried to walk to him for help…with her panties halfway down. She classically uttered,  “This is awkward.”
  • spent tons of time on the trampoline at the Coplens’ with Denver and Cousin Kilian.
  • visited Carlsbad Caverns. Phil and I thought our tour of “The Big Room” would be about a 15-20 minute walk. Uh, nope. The “big room” is much bigger than we thought…about an hour and a half bigger. Oops. Eden tuckered out about 45 minutes in. I wore her on my back for the rest of the tour. Secretly…eh…openly, I loved it. I love my girl…she’s just getting so big. So it was nice to wear her again…likely for the last time. (She has surpassed the weight limit for the carrier…by 5 pounds.)
  • distinguishes her bath preferences now. She used to love bubble bathes. Now, she often wants a “clear bath” so she can better see her bath toys. So, she will request either bubble OR clear.
  • loved playing at the Brouse House. Esther taught Eden how to make a slip-n-slide out of the trampoline = add Dawn dish soap and water. Voila. Upon returning to our home, we inherited a trampoline from some dear friends. We should buy stock in Dawn now cause we use half a bottle…a day.
  • said, “I’ll tell you what,” the other day. It cracks me up when I hear me come out of her mouth.
  • wants to know which characters in movies/shows are nice and which are mean. Due to advances in the character development of today’s childhood characters, it is often challenging to explain…thank you Gru, and Mother Gothel, and Merida. Oi, trying to explain passive-aggressive to a three-year-old is tough work…not to mention that good guys can be mean sometimes and mean guys can be nice sometimes. Thanks, Pixar. Thanks.
  • was introduced to the movie The Croods by the lovely and talented Celis Coplen. Eden could not get enough of that movie. We watched it nightly while in Denver. It kinda grew on me. Still, odd choice for a kid. Yes?
  • started receiving High Five, a sort of Highlights Jr. She adores the hidden pictures, the same-and-different pictures, AND the spot-what’s-silly pictures. She does them over and over and over and over…while I watch her with the greatest of affection…trying to freeze these moments in my heart.

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