Denver — Twenty Three Months

This is it folks…the last few days of being ONE. She’s on the cusp of two…which is a pretty big deal around here. TWO!

Denver is our cut-up…though you’d never know it to look at her. She’s sly and subtle…a master of expressions. You have to be in her circle of trust to get the goods out of her. The girl is a hoot.

At twenty-three months…or one year and eleven months…Denver:

  • has visited Carlsbad Caverns…700 feet below the surface…she’s tough like that. She did not seem overly impressed.
  • fake snores when she pretends to be asleep…cutie pie.
  • terrorizes the dogs…sigh. We are working on it. She thinks it is sooooo funny to run into them with her bike or stroller or any wheeled-contraption…it’s REALLY funny when they scamper about trying to avoid her. Oi.
  • figured out how to use a breast pump after one exposure. A week after her exposure to pumping, she picked up a “cup,” raised her shirt, and put it in place. Smartie girl!!!!!
  • takes her baby to the dinner table with her and feeds her baby…with a fork…no nursing. She gives her baby lots and lots of hugs, kisses, and pats on the back.
  • snuggles deliciously in the morning as she takes a bottle and watches “Baby Time” (Baby Signing Time.) She leans against me with her blankie, her lovie, and her milk. Happy, happy mama.
  • copies the facial expressions of Rachel (host of Signing Time.)
  • plays opossum when she is uncomfortable or displeased with parental requests, like “Say hi to the nice lady.” It involves “the stare.” She stares right through you…avoiding eye contact…but if you catch her eye, she giggles as if to say, “Yeah, yeah…just kidding. Cute, huh?” She knows she’s cute. Stinker.
  • has a ton of new words:
    • “Ky-der airpane” = Kyser airplane (when he flew back home.)
    • “bo bo bath” = bubble bath
    • “bop” = lap (she loves to sit in my bop.)
    • “dipah day” = diaper dance = she wants her diaper changed
    • “book” = milk (Go figure. If she were not able to sign both milk and book, we’d never have figured this one out!)
    • “Are you?” = Where are you?
    • “read book”
    • “cover me”
    • “two, fee, four” (This is specifically tied to making a bottle. Yes, I still give her a bottle. Anyhoo, we put four scoops in and mix it with water. She likes to help do the scoops…which she calls “two, fee, four.”
    • “Tank you daddy mama” = thanks Mom
    • “Ran ee” – Randee (bio mama)

Bring on two. We’re ready!


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