Eden — Three and Nine

I love Eden. Yes I do. I love Eden. How bout you? Well you should. This girl is a bundle of yummy, cheruby, emotional deliciousness. She’s definitely a mixed bag: gentle and kind, rough and tumble, thoughtful…oh so thoughtful of others and yet incapable of sharing anything, loud yet soft-spoken. She is such a rich, complex mixture of emerging Eden-ness!

At three years and nine months, Eden:

  • happily shares a bed with Denver. This has been such a sweet transition. Phil and I adore the way they giggle and night and giggle and play together in the morning…until the tears start because…well, typically cause Eden has inflicted bodily harm. Oi.
  • likes “flat chicken” = deli slices of chicken.
  • LOVES Bubble Guppies…especially Gil and Mr. Grouper. Her love language is touch…so she naturally wants to touch Gil…right through the ol’ computer screen.
  • has stopped napping. Waaaaahhhhhh! I am so not good with this…cause I like an afternoon nap. Grrrrrrr. We are transitioning to Read and Rest time. Eh. I figure one day soon she’ll learn to read…and I’ll be able to nap again!!!!
  • fully utilizes terms of endearment…much like her mama. We both tend to throw together a mishmash of sweetness: “honey sugar, sweetie girl, sugar lump, honey sweetie”…the list goes on. She tried out “big fat mama.” Woah…not wanting her to be stigmatized by the word fat…or view it as the WORST thing in the world to be called like her mama does…I gulped back my indignation and softly asked, “What does that mean?” Eden replied, “You know, like sweet.” OH! Still, we had to have the talk about name-calling…which is a completely confusing concept as we are BIG on terms of endearment…otherwise known as name-calling. Oi. This parenting thing is TOUGH.
  • attempted a new game called “Mama, Tell Me Not To ______.” The point…as far as I could tell…was for her to disobey me. Niiiice. She’d say, “Mama, tell me NOT to tickle you.” I’d say, “Eden, don’t tickle me.” Then she’d do it! Mmmm hmmmm. So, we had to nip that game in the bud. Good try though.
  • says “No. Way!” when she’s upset…or receives instructions she finds distasteful. It’s so incredibly cute…and so incredibly bad. We’re working on it…but I secretly hope this one sticks around a while.
  • has banned me from group participation in our favorite shows. I am no longer allowed to answer questions…or sing along. When I forget, she reminds me, “Not you, Mama.”
  • happily ate an onion ring! This girl abhors onions. But boy, does she like onion rings! Go figure.
  • played Go Fish for the first time. It was AWESOME. Phil teamed up with her. He brilliantly got rid of the kings, queens, jokers, and nines…for ease. Funny, but it was such a sweet, moving event…playing Go Fish with my daughter.
  • likes to dunk her food…in water…ewwwwwww. Perhaps she is part racoon?
  • is keenly aware of skin color. She has been pointing out everyone’s color everywhere we go…and we discuss the amazing variety that God has given people. Yet to her, people are either brown or clear. Hmmm…a bit limited…and “clear” is not a color…so there’s that. It calls to mind one of my all-time favorite quotes from one of my all-time favorite books: “For the life of him, he couldn’t figure why these East Enders called themselves black. He kept looking and looking, and the colors he found were gingersnap and light fudge and dark fudge and acorn and butter rum and cinnamon and burnt orange. But never licorice, which, to him, was real black.”  (Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli) I cannot wait to read this book with her.
  • when negotiating with me, and when is she not negotiating with me???, she says, “Let me tell you what.”
  • drinks from an open cup. Her Aunt Nicole can rest easy now.
  • informed me, “I can handle it,” as she proceeded to get her own ice and water from the refrigerator. Big girl.
  • led Denver back to the bedroom, saying, “Come on now, let’s get you tucked into bed.” I could die.
  • has started making me drawings, etc, and saying, “Here, Mom. I made this for you.” It utterly melts my heart. Such sweet offerings from my girl.
  • wants to hold my hand while she falls asleep. I happily comply. Without the naps, she’s out within five minutes.
  • likes her food…but only certain types. She approached me one night as I was making dinner. “Mom, are we having weenies for dinner?” I replied, “No, we are having steak,” to which she countered, “Okay. Maybe we can have weenies for desert?” Oi.
  • began her third year of Kids Day Out (aka Mothers Day Out). Sigh. She’s such a big girl. And I miss her terribly when she’s away.

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