Little Brown Babies

So, Eden has recently started to notice skin color. There are exactly two: brown and clear. In addition to her declaring that we are clear in color, her sudden attention to skin tone has caused me mild concern…merciful heavens, we are raising a racist. How did this happen? Why is she so tuned into skin tone? Where have I gone wrong? Ahem…someone might be a little quick to over-react.

And since we are raising a racist and all, I thought I should prepare her for the inevitable…as a foster family in Bexar County, we will likely welcome a little brown baby into our home.  As is often the case in our family, the opportune moment for deep discussion came in the bathroom. And so, this ensued:

“Eden, do you know that we might get a little brown baby?”

“Or clear, Mom. I think we will get a clear baby.”

“Maybe. But maybe a brown baby.”

“No. I want a clear baby…” (Panic…she is a racist…oh my! She is…she is! You always hear that hate is taught…oh dear…am I a racist too???? Do I hate little brown babies too? Breathe. Breathe.) “because a brown baby would not match.”

BINGO. Matching. She is matching! These past few weeks of exploration have been ripe with matching. She is simply noticing patterns and things that are the same. And brother…she does not like when things do not match! The other day I put out two dish towels. One was red with white lines…the other white with red lines. “Mom. I don’t like those. They don’t match.” Hmmm.

Whew. Crisis averted…we are not raising a racist…we are raising a smartie girl. Let’s hope the next developmental leap involves celebrating our differences…just in case we get a little brown baby.




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