Denver — Two Years

Our precious girl is two and is quickly becoming a “big girl”… NOT a toddler. Nope, though she falls into the category numerically, I would not classify her anywhere near toddler. That girl has not a toddle in her entire being. And she has captured the heart of her family with that tiny, wiggly, giggly, jumpy, dancy, sideways-glancy way of hers. We love her so.

At two years, Denver:

  • has lots and lots of cute sayings:
    • “lubby and banky” = lovie and blankie
    • “did it” when she completes a task.
    • “I no like it!”
    • “No! I do it!” (Yep. We’ve hit that stage.)
    • “Don’t do it!” (See comment above.)
    • “E-done” both syllables are accented…for Eden.
    • “rock a baby” for “Sing Rockabye Baby.”
    • answers “Yeah, I do” for just about any question asked.
    • “Mmm hmmm” or “Okay” as answers to other questions.
    • “Heeeeaaaavvvvvyyy” when she is lifting heaving items.
    • Words she says with regularity = air pane, moto cycle, humming-bird, watah mehon.
  • wants us to watch her perform various stunts…typically jumping on the trampoline, “Watch! Watch!”
  • has confused the sign for “dog” with the sign for “come.” Not too hard to do since the sign for dog is patting your leg…to get your dog to come. Anyhoo, she will say “Daddy, come!” while giving the sign for dog.
  • administers her own meds now. I pull up a syringe of whatever goop she needs (allergies or pain) and she takes it and shoots it into her mouth. All. By. Herself.
  • twists puzzle pieces into place. She loves puzzles right now. She mostly does those wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles.
  • took in the zoo train in all its glory. She’s ridden the train many times. This was the first time her eyes lit up…she got it. Ahhhh. Glorious.
  • bangs Bailey’s food bowl to alert her of its location. Smartie girl. (Bailey is blind…if you are new to these updates.)
  • draws out her “umm”s. Phil: “Denver, what do you want to drink?” Denver: “Uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm juice.”
  • loves the big-girl swing these days. She throws her head back and goooooes! “Higher! Higher!” she exclaims. (She can also climb into the big swing and get down. Sniff, sniff.)
  • drinks with open cups. (Aunt Nicole, this one caught on right away. Those second-born kiddos…they’ve got it going on…much faster than the trail blazers.)
  • does the most adorable shoulder shrug…kind of a tick. She does it when she’s bored…or uncertain of how to proceed…shrug, shrug, shrug. Cutie girl.
  • gets her own ice and water from the fridge…in her open cup. Big girl!
  • loves to help cook. Insists on helping with dinner every night.
  • practices cracking eggs with her Easter eggs. (She can crack a real egg one-handed…and rarely gets shell in the bowl. She’s a pro.)
  • has begun her schooling chronicles. The girl LOVES Kids Day Out. She has several new friends and adores her teachers. I hear she is the best napper in the room. That’s my girl!
  • colored her own hand for art after the first day of KDO. At school, they made hand prints. We got home, and she asked for a marker. She used it to color her palm. Then she pressed her hand to the paper. This one is too smart!
  • says “Mama-Daddy” when she’s in distress. Phil tells me she’s calling HIM, because she ends with “daddy.” Jury is out on that one. Still…so cute that we are one…Mamadaddy.
  • is just a delight. A delight.

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