Eden — Three and Ten

Eden is just a bundle of delight to her mama. Sigh. I love to just sit in her presence and soak her in…she’s wicked smart, silly, gentle, cuddly, and speaks my language of sighs. On the cusp of the “magical” age of four, her emotional meltdowns are less frequent. Oh, they still occur. She is still overwhelmed by the magnitude of her emotion at time. (If she follows in her mama’s footsteps, this will follow her around…wonderfully…all the days of her life.) Above, our girl is uninhibited. Love to watch her be her.

At three years, Eden:

  • is such a doting sister. She continually refers to Denver as “sister,” which melts my heart.
  • professes to needing Jesus when she misbehaves.
  • is very sensitive to my expressive tones. When I get excited or feel passionately about something (and when do I not???), apparently, my voice reflects. I continually hear, “Okay, calm down. Calm down,” from my girl. Phil and I have tried to explain, “Mama’s not upset or mad, sweetie. She’s excited. ” Meh. I asked Phil, “Do I sound mad when I’m excited?” He assures me that I do not. Eh.
  • imitates my go-to frustration sound, “Uuuuuuuhhhhhggggggg.” Hmmm. Could be worse.
  • was treated to a tour of the zoo train “house.” The girls and I were the only riders on the zoo train one morning. Our friendly engineer has two little girls their ages. He was very doting. He had to get something at the “train house” during our ride. He took us in and gave us a tour of the sleeping trains. (Yes, my danger alarm was going off…hmmm, alone in a train house with a man and my two babies…hmmmm…have I sealed our doom??? Just relax and enjoy…and have an escape route. Eye on the door. Eye on the door.) It was a special delight. Eden got to climb up on an engine and pretend to drive the train. Denver nervously clung to her mama.
  • loves corn dogs. First time out of the gate, she ate 3. Score! Easy meals for da mama.
  • has picked up the phrase, “I know just what we’ll do…” and she typically does. She knows. Just. What. To. Do.
  • falls back to “I don’t know how. I’m just a little kid,” when faced with a daunting task.
  • is a scavenger. I have to take calming breaths concerning this little habit. She collects trash (treasures), sticks, rocks, trash, leaves, trash, seeds, acorns, ropes, strings, and trash. She makes little nests for her treasures. (I visit my happy place and envision clean spaces.) At the end of the day, I supply a BIG cardboard box…for her to collect her treasures into ONE area. And I say a prayer of serenity. And rejoice in God’s design for my daughter. Ahem.
  • dips her food in water. What with her penchant for making nests and cleaning her food, I suspect she is part raccoon. She’s a cute one, that’s for sure.
  • calls Hello Kitty by her REAL name, which is Katerina. Who knew?
  • has been known to chime in “Me three” when someone says, “me too.”
  •  has discovered and LOVES Big Hero 6. Loves it. We watch it daily. And dance. Oh, we dance.
  • has discovered Bo on the Go AND Secret Agent Oso. We can break down all tasks into “three special steps.” It has been surprisingly helpful. Thank you, Oso.
  • is her Uncle Greg’s BIGGEST fan. The Coplens came to visit. (Yea!!! Much rejoicing.) Uncle Greg led worship at church. We sat in the front row and Eden jumped and danced and worshiped…ummm, perhaps her Uncle Greg. But, uh, it’s a start. Right.
  • is developing a quirky sense of humor. She enjoys quoting Lilo…”Leave me alone…to diiieee,” complete with a sound of despair…then she giggles. Love her!
  • says “Owie Badowie” with frequency.
  • played house with Denver. “Denver, you’re the daddy and I’m the mama.” Be still my heart.
  • lies. Bold-faced. Regularly. Sigh.
  • is starting to understand the phenomenon that is/was Elvis…thanks to Lilo and Stitch AND the Elvis clock at the bread store. The clock has movable hips. Classy.
  • wants to be with me. All the time. All. The. Time. This makes Kids Day Out particularly challenging. I find that things go better when Phil drops them off at school.
  • thinks Uncle Greg is her granddad and Aunt Shea-Shea is her grandma. I did not correct her.
  • loves to have company. We try to have at least one dinner guest a week. That is not enough for her. Happily, we host Life Group at our house, so she is guaranteed guests at least one night of the week.

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