Denver — Two and One

Denver is showing advanced signs of sassy-pants-ed-ness. Unfortunately, it is adorable…which only encourages more sassy-pants-ed-ness. We are in trouble. Phil says, “She is three parts energy and one part mischief.”

At two years and one month, Denver:

  • narrates her actions = “Going to kitchen. Getting crackers. Eating crackers.” It is hilariously cute.
  • uses complete sentences…as is evidenced by her narration of life. Her first jaw-dropping one was, “Walk with me to the car.” Whew.
  • likes to wear Eden’s panties over her diapers. Again with the cuteness.
  • experiences social mortification if unwanted attention is called to her. Her whole body seems to crumble…eyes downcast..lip quivers…crocodile tears flow freely. It is gut-wrenching…so we are very mindful of her shyness social situation.
  • faces forward in her car seat. It’s a whole new world for her!
  • responds to questions with, “Uhhh, no” OR “Uhhh, yes.” Uhhh, I wonder where she gets that?
  • calls Uncle Greg “Uncoh Geg.” Cuteness.
  • is becoming so independent! On her own, she got a banana, peeled it, and threw the peel away. She took the bare banana to Phil and exclaimed “I did it!”
  • pushes boundaries. All of them. All the time. Especially the boundary of gravity.
  • is learning to respond with “Okay Mama,” or “Yes ma’am” rather than “No!” When she responds to Phil, she says, “Yes ma’am, Daddy.”
  • wants to see her poo. Eden went through the same thing. Is this common in kiddos prepping for potty training?
  • measured all three dogs’ food cups to the correct amounts. (Two gets 1/4 cup, Bailey gets 3/4 cup, Clancy gets 1 cup…so no small feat!)
  • likes to challenge options provided for her with “How abooouuut…” but we giggle before she can give us a new option. She’s soooo cute!
  • loves to sing her ABC’s and tries to sign her letters.
  • bumps her head. A lot. It must be her current height. Her head is just at the perfect level for bumping into table tops, corners of…everything. Poor girl. She’d better grow quick.
  • loves Baymax and asks for him daily. She often says, “Hello, I’m Baymax.”

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