Eden — Three and Eleven

Eden has hit that sweet spot…quoting lines from movies…developing a sense of humor. Love! Her favorite movie currently is Shrek…so I’m in a little bit of heaven. It does not get much better than that. And yet, the girl far exceeds…she is such a source of joy. She is totally and completely herself…uninhibited and silly.


2015-10-31 17.36.17
Trunk or Treat at UUMC
2015-10-09 18.37.55
Best buddies, Eden and Kenzie.
2015-10-10 12.12.59
Picnic with the Musick kiddos.
2015-10-19 10.27.37
Cat at Yanaguana Garden. Eden loves this kitty!
Our precious Elsa.
Our precious Elsa.
Girls at the pumpkin patch.
Girls at the pumpkin patch.
First hot air balloon encounter!
First balloon encounter!

At three years and eleven months, Eden:

  • had her first friend-sleepover. McKenzie stayed with us and Eden was in heaven.
  • says “I promise” a lot…lots and lots of promises.
  • holds her nose when she poops. Kinda cute.
  • says the funniest things. She was on a walk with Phil and declared, “Home speed ahead!”
  • recognizes her right from her left. (I still have to think really hard about that one!)
  • used a tape measure on our couch. She determined that one of the cushions was 500 pounds.
  • can be a pill. When Phil asked Eden if she enjoyed the special lunch I made for her, Eden replied, “Not at all.” Good thing she’s cute.
  • attended her first hot air balloon festival. It was a bit of a flop, but she didn’t know that. We saw one balloon inflate and float away. That one lonely balloon was thrilling!
  • was Elsa for Halloween, but only because she finally had to make a choice. She changed her mind everyday…and we have lots of dress up clothes, so that only made it harder to pick. Her second choice was a mean kitty. Maybe next year she can be a mean kitty.
  • is very doting. She likes to walk Denver into class and make sure she has everything she needs. It is just precious.
  • has discovered Octonauts…and loves it. She wants me to sing”Creature Report” over and over.
  • watched Shrek for the first time. She has a few favorite lines…her favorite being, “You are going the right way for a smacked bottom.” Oi.
  • is making buddies at school. Her newest buddy is Gracie. (I am new to the whole concept of how a child makes and keeps friends while growing up in a big city. Any tips from city-dwellers are welcome. I grew up in a small town…so the friends I made at 3 were the friends I grew up with and graduated with! I am hoping to keep that kind of thing going for Eden.)
  • wants to have friends over all the time…or over for dinner. We try to have a dinner guest once a week and we host life group every Sunday. This keeps her pretty happy. The highlight of this past month was a garage sale. We had a garage sale and Eden was in heaven…greeting all the “friends” who came over to our house. Sweetie girl.

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