Denver — Two and Two

As of late, Denver has become Miss Sassy Pants. Though I am thrilled she has found her voice, turns out that her voice can be quite loud. She enjoys the occasional scream…I mean SCCCRRREEEAAAMMM. Happily, she’s a champ when it comes to making up…or making things right. She is packed with as much sweet as sass…so she is easily bearable.

2015-11-14 11.42.15 2015-11-21 17.04.52 2015-11-21 17.04.38

At year years and two months, Denver:

  • is quite the drama queen. She pouts like a champ. That lower lip is something to see! She can even make it quiver…right before the crocodile tears fall. Spectacular performances.
  • puts her finger on her nose for shshhing people…or dogs.
  • dressed as a kitty for Halloween. She loved getting candy, but not so much the talking to people.
  • is generous! If Eden ever eyes what Denver has, Denver offers her some. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of “mine” issues…but she is quick to offer the olive branch.
  • stands up to Eden…and that’s saying something.
  • dresses herself…and enjoys picking out her own outfits.
  • has reached the “Not you, Mama” and the “No sing, Mama” stage. Sigh.
  • says “right NOW!” frequently. Hmmm. I was not aware that I uttered that phrase…at all…but when your kid says it so frequently…well, you know.
  • loves, loves, loves to sing her ABC’s. She does the Alpha-pig version. Yea Super Why!
  • can count to 20. What are they teaching her at Mother’s Day Out? She is growing up soooo quickly. Guess she just wants to keep up with Eden.
  • loves to write…and write…and write. She pretends to write letters. This one! Sooo smart. At two-years of age, she can hold a pencil like a third-grader.
  • still drinks milk from a bottle. (Urg. It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous…but, uh…well, she’s my baby.)
  • asks for her milk to be “warmer” before she even gets it…”Milk, please. Warmer.” It took a while for me to figure out that sometimes “warmer” means cooler…sometimes it means “hotter.” Gotta use the wrist test…still.
  • puts her finger IN her nose to sign “bug.” The sign for “bug” is a finger on the nose. Eh. It’s cute.
  • says “I no like it” a lot. “No! I no like it” is declared…oh…all day long. Good thing it comes with a cute, little voice.
  • declares “I’m awake!” with great joy when she gets up in the morning or after nap. Soooooo cute!
  • has her first sleep-over while Phil and I were on a retreat. She and Eden were well-loved while we were away.
  • calls Eden “sister,” and Eden returns the favor. It melts my heart…those sweet sisters.

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