Denver – Two and Three

Wow. This one. She’s irresistibly, adorably two…and she will not be moved…neither by threat nor force. She is resolute in her…two-ness. The words most frequently uttered by this cutie are “I no like it,” “I need it,” “Whyyyy,” and “NO!” But she is quick to hug and quicker to giggle. She has our hearts…and dances gleefully on those last nerves. We love our girl!

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At two years and three months, Denver:

  • loves her Kids Day Out teacher, Miss Klarissa…or “Maklarida,” and asks for her every day. Every. Day.
  • experienced her first Thanksgiving as a Tessier. It was just the four of us for lunch. Later that evening we visited her bio family. (Denver is still slow to warm up to her bio mom…but this likely because her mom is…well…female. Denver warms to males easily…females are meh.)
  • screams…so loudly. No concept of an indoor voice. Meh.
  • loves the song B-I-N-G-O and she loves her friend Michelangelo. She cutely combines the two things and will sing “B-I-angelo, B-I-angelo.”
  • responded to Phil’s catechism question, “Who made you?” with “Klarissa and B-I-angelo!” Hmmm. Perhaps we should work on that?
  • continually asks “What dat noise?” Sadly, I am becoming a bit hard of hearing. Ahem. So, uh, she’s out of luck most the time. Still, it’s adorable that she asks…so constantly.
  • asks “Whhhyyyy.” All. The. Time.
  • loves her buddy, Andrew. This sweet exchange between the two of them was reported back to me and Andrew’s mother:
    • during nap time, Andrew was not sleeping…
    • He whispered in her general direction, “Denver!”
    • She whispered back quietly, “What?”
    • He whispered “Denver!”
    • She put her hands palm-up and whispered back a little less quietly, “Whaaaaat?????”
    • Then Miss Klarissa shut them down.
    • So cute, these two together!!!
  • pronounces Christmas “Cris-a-mus,” (three syllables, baby!)
  • climbs over the back of our couch…and drops off onto the floor…typically without injury.
  • looks out for her big sister. Eden had dozed off in the car. When I opened the door, Denver whispered, “Shhh. Eden’s seeeeping.”
  • says, “I need her” to Daddy all the time…concerning da mama. “I need her, I need her.” I love it. Of course, I feel the obligation to reply to the sweet nothings with “Denver, you need Jesus. You simply want mama.”
  • can climb out of her crib. Not that she sleeps in it anymore. But…if someone (an unnamed parent) put her in the crib so she could “cry it out,” said parent would be out of luck…cause that girl is an escape artist. I’m just saying.
  • hangs off of anything above her head that she can grip…tables edges, chairs, shopping carts…some things hold her and some do not.
  • performed in her first Christmas pageant. Though she is our family cut-up, she is quite shy when put on the spot. She froze for most of the performance…but there was that exquisite moment when she stuck out her tongue…and kept it out…for the duration of the pageant…for all to see.
  • obviously, sticks out her tongue…thanks preschool!
  • is sadly, awfully, horribly afraid of ladybugs. Sniff, sniff. This is hard on this bug-loving mama.
  • no longer sleeps well. Sigh. Our champ sleeper, the one that simply required a horizontal position…the one who loved bed and sleep…she no likey the sleepy. Cries. Stalls. My pediatrician buddy tells me it is because she is developing…becoming more aware of…everything.
  • is trying to drop her nap. (Damn it!)
  • copies Eden. It is adorable. She studies her sister…monkey see, monkey do. Love it.
  • went crazy over the zoo lights! It was our favorite family outing for Christmas. This was San Antonio’s first year to do this…and it will surely become a Tessier tradition.
  • lit up for every “Cris-a-mus” tree. She would declare “Crisamus, Crisamus!” And she learned to use one finger to touch (and knock off) Christmas ornaments.
  • announces every morning “I’m AWAKE!”
  • welcomed Nana and Uncle Jeff for Christmas. She warmed to Uncle Jeff in a mere 1.5 days (vs. the 4 days it took last year!)
  • loved sitting quietly with Nana as Nana would read or talk to her. (It is the only time she is quiet…and sits.)
  • loves the movie The Croods. Her favorite line to quote is “Dun dun daaaaa!”
  • was an absolute stinker during the Christmas Eve service. We walked to the little church behind our house. There were about 10 people in the service and our girls were the only children. Denver was a toot! In the middle of service, she yelled “Orange Leaf! I need Orange Leaf.” Indeed.
  • was not very interested in opening Christmas presents. It took her three hours…well, two days and three hours as we discovered one or two packages on the 26th that she just did not open. Oh, she loved her gifts. She was just happy with one or two. Girl after my own heart!
  • was much more interested in picking up the wrapping from the floor than of opening gifts. Without any prompting, she got a trash bag and cleaned up the trash. This girl!
  • received a hand-made blankie from her bio mom for Christmas. Not sure about Denver, but it is my favorite gift this year.

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