Eden — Four and One

So, Eden is four-years-and-one-month old…which in my mind means she’s practically five. Yeah?

She is delicious, delightful, and oh so intense. In many ways, I feel like I’m raising a young Hester Sue…which is the most precious thing God could have done for me. If you don’t know, Hester Sue was…and is…my mom. She is my heartbeat…my inspiration. Any boldness or courage I possess comes from that fantastic woman with a temper…well…unmatched…until now. Yep, our girl is a firey one. She loves HARD. She cries HARD. She laughs HARD. She hugs HARD. And she hits…HARD. I have been almost knocked off my feet by an angry, charging Eden. I have also been almost knocked over by one of her hugs. Oh, but this fierce force of love…she is breathtaking. Such an honor and a thrill and a blast to raise her.

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Our beloved Annie.
Our beloved Annie.

2015-12-15 15.48.33

At four years and one month, Eden:

  • still pronounces “thank you” as “stank you.” I find this utterly adorable.
  • still says “I oat it” for “I ate it.” Nope. We do not correct this. Cause we love it.
  • discovered Tom and Jerry. When I asked her what it was about (after several episodes), she proclaimed, “There’s this cat and mouse, Mom. The cat just keeps trying to catch the mouse. It’s funny.” Hmm. I find it interesting that it holds her attention…there is no dialogue, you know? Still, it engages her imagination. Score!
  • is becoming such a little mama. She delights in correcting her sister…and parents…and strangers. As Denver is going through a boundary-pushing stage, Eden has ample opportunity to try to correct her before I counter with, “Sweetie, let me be the mama. I will take care of it.”
  • told Denver, “Sissy, you should not tell Daddy, no!” (see above)
  • has sort of Benjamin Button view of life. She keeps talking about how one day she will be a big girl and I’ll be a little girl…and she’ll be my mama…like this is how she thinks we grow and change throughout life. Hmmm. She never fails to surprise.
  • chewed the tips off the brush bristles…and lodged one in the side of her mouth. Not sure if she ever got around to brushing her hair.
  • really got into Christmas this year. We wisely decided to NOT put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve…cause Eden is one of those. You know the ones…MUST, MUST, MUST peek…or just open all together.
  • asked in early December if Santa was bringing presents. Hmmm. Well, we do not do Santa in the traditional sense…Mom and Dad bring the gifts to celebrate Jesus’ birthday…but we do enjoy Santa…we treat him like Rainbow Dash. You know, fun stuff. Anyhoo, we have never said, “Hey, Santa brings gifts…” but…’Merica. You know? So, I gently reminded, “Ummm. Nope. Mom and Dad…Jesus…you know.” (And yes, I wonder all the time if I’m cheating her out of a traditional American childhood. Oh, and if you don’t want Eden to ruin it for your angels, best steer clear of the Tessiers during December. Eden might just spill the beans!)
  • fell in love with a sweet neighborhood girl. Shoot, we all fell in love with her. We’ll call her Annie. She’s seven, and for all intents and purposes, is a bit of a street urchin. Back in my day, she would simply have been a latchkey kid…cept that girl did not stay home. Once school was out, she went door-to-door…knocking…looking to play. Well, she came to the right place. Heck, we barely let her leave. For two delicious weeks, we brought her in, played with her, fed her, and got her home. Sigh. I need to write a whole post about Annie. Her mom moved during Christmas break. We miss her every day!
  • performed on stage for a Christmas pageant…and loved it. The girl is a natural performer.
  • enjoyed the zoo lights GREATLY. She was so exuberant…we lost her a few times…as she took off…chasing her feet…and the lights.
  • wrote the letter E. I cried. She can write “E”???? So fast. This is going so fast!
  • seems scared of ants. Weird. Anyhoo, scared of ants.
  • wants me to “drive faster” all the time. Grrr.
  • is starting to use her imagination…and knows it. She was talking about riding a horse and describing the horse to me. I asked, “Do you see it in your head?” “No, Mom. It’s in my imagination!”
  • has decided that “Marshmallows are kinda like clouds.” Indeed.
  • uses a pulley system to get toys up to the top bunk of her bed. Thanks, Phil.
  • calls hummus “moss.” Boy, does she like moss.
  • likes to make up rules…like “No bags or sanitizers at the table!”
  • can identify songs by tune along…we hum a song, and she identifies it. We think she’s brilliant…and beautiful…and perfect.
  • has a wandering spirit. Sigh. She comes by this quite naturally. (On more than one occasion, I walked out the front door and was often found miles away from home…by the age of three. Sigh.) Girl follows her feet. Just like her mama…and her Grandma Hester Sue!




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