Denver — Two and Four

Our girl has found her voice and is intent upon putting a stamp on HER stuff. “Mine!” is her victory cry. Now, I’m torn about this new development…as a fellow second-born female, I am thrilled that she has found her voice and uses it. Yea. That is huge. (Most of us second-born-kiddos don’t realize we have an opinion until we’re in our…well…later in life.) Now…how to teach my girls to negotiate…share…take turns…with sweet spirits? Bwaaahaaahaaa.2016-01-11 10.55.19

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At two years and four months, Denver:

  • attended her first tea party. We have an amazing neighbor…the kind every family should have…she’s an older artist…quirky…always interesting and not a little odd. She has noticed our two lovely ladies, and invited us to tea! The girls dressed up. Well, Denver put on a necklace with her rain boots…that’s dressed up for our girl. Miss Shirlene made chamomile tea and served it in tiny cups. Swoon. Neither of girls had ever tasted tea…we added plenty of honey. It was a hit. So were the little cheese-on-a-toothpick offerings. We hope this is the first of many such parties with Miss Shirlene!
  • got her first hair cut! She was a champ. Just got the bangs trimmed. She’s adorable…haircut or no.
  • loves water towers…and points them out with glee.
  • says “MINE” at least 500 times a day. MINE!
  • says “Tah dah” when she does something she wants us to notice.
  • loves kitty cats. She has been asking for her kitties at bedtime rather than her baby dolls.
  • attended Eden’s four-year-old-wellness visit. After which, she wanted to listen to everyone’s “beep beat.”
  • held the following conversation with Phil concerning her baby’s poor listening skills:
    • Denver: “My baby’s not listening to me!”
    • Phil: “Does she need a spanking?”
    • Denver: “She needed a time-out.”
  • can “read” Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Swoon.
  • recognizes the O’s and E’s in words. Just points them out…at random.
  • likes to try to catch the moon.
  • has discovered her nipples. Ahem. We’ve had to discuss proper dining table etiquette concerning them. Perhaps if we insisted she wear clothes to the table??
  • uses the word “EVER” for emphasis: “Don’t touch me, Eden. EVER.”
  • discovered that her nose sounds funny when it is stuffy, “I can hear my boogers.”
  • declares, “Hey! I have an idea!” but doesn’t know what to say next. It’s soooo cute. So yeah, she really has no idea…other than to share this cute phrase that delights us all.
  • cannot bear to have attention drawn to her. Cannot. Bear. It. Poor girl.
  • grows sweeter and bolder and kinder and smarter every day.

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