Eden — Four and Two

Eden Jewel. I could swallow her whole. She is a vibrant little human…full of love and questions and hunger for more…more…more. I worry she will never fill that vacancy in her spirit…or will to try to fill it with too much of everything. I pray fervently that she discovers the all-consuming satiety of Jesus…and that she finds it early.

The girl is truly becoming. She is not a toddler…nor even a preschooler. This girl is…she is…as she will be. She is. And I love her desperately.

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At four years and two months, Eden:

  • gets on that last nerve…and dances about…gleefully. “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom.” Now, I know this is hard for all moms, but an introverted mama? Forget about it. It is death.
  • has realized that Little John and Baloo sound just alike.  This makes me giggle.
  • visited a salon for the first time and got a real, honest-to-goodness haircut. Though I took her there kicking and screaming, she describes the experience as “fabulous.” (I bribed her…and now she wants to return…for more bribes.)
  • is ever instructing us. Still, she says the CUTEST things:
    • Eden to Denver: “Their last names are the Pyes; our last names are the Tessiers.”
    • Eden to Mama: “It’s gonna be so sweet when the Pyes come over.”
    • Eden to Phil: “You broke Denver’s feelings.”
  • says “BAD! BAD! BAD!” when she is angry. This is both sweet and bewildering. We have made it a point to not say that she is good nor bad…but that she makes good or bad decisions…so as to take the focus off her as a person being…blah, blah, blah. Thing is, when she is mad…things and people and dogs and situations are BAD, BAD, BAD!
  • loves burnt food…just like her mama…and her Granddad Woody.
  • peels open American cheese now. It’s a thing. She did it for Denver too.
  • taught Denver to play Duck, Duck, Goose on the trampoline.
  • pronounces “thing” as “sang.”
  • loves to play “the building game” with Phil. Phil describes a building and Eden names it…the church, or the store, or the library….
  • is just crazy smart. Concerning picking a piece of cake, she said, “Mama, I need the largest of these.” The girl can distinguish and verbalize comparisons in sizes. I think she is brilliant.
  • enjoyed her first, real tea party. Our neighbor, Miss Sherline, invited us. Eden dressed up in her Elsa dress and heels.
  • is fully potty trained. Though this has been a couple of months in the running, I forgot to make note of it. She officially sleeps in panties…and is dry…most nights. So proud she is growing up!
  • saw Ice Age for the first time. She cried when Diego died.
  • loves to greet people at church. Go figure. During the “greeting time,” she runs up and down, shaking hands, introducing herself. This girl!
  • wore gloves, hat, and scarf to church…on an 85 degree day. When it is really, really cold, girl goes coatless. Oi.
  • has discovered the glory of Nutella. She calls it “chocolate tuna.”
  • wants the lights on…for the first time in her life. She is afraid of the dark these days. I found this alarming. My mommy friends who have gone before assured me it is a new phase of development. She is experiencing and processing fear.
  • delights my heart. Every. Day.

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