Denver — Two and Five

Our girl is creating a space for herself in this world, and she’s taking no prisoners. She has found her voice, is marking her boundaries, and declares for all within earshot, “MINE!” Just keep walking, buddy. Just keep walking.

At the same time, she is attempting to reach out to the world with such sweetness. As far as social conventions go, she’s a bit off…but she’s trying…and it makes me so deliciously giddy. The other night she was heading out the door with Phil. I called out, “I love you, Den,” and she called back, “You’re welcome!” And I could tell by her saunter that she just knew she had nailed that one. Yeah, I’m in the game, Mom. I’m being kind and making connections! You’re welcome.

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At two years and five months, Denver:

  • is a master mimic. She gets inflection, tone. It is hilarious to hear ME coming out of her mouth.
  • declares, “I promise!” when she is emphatic. “I want that banana. I promise!” “I am going outside. I promise!”
  • when she gets really tired, things in her bed just stop working. “My bed not working. My bankie not working. My pillow not working.”
  • was thoroughly convinced for a day or so that she had a penis…this on the tail of keeping some boy buddies this past month:
    • Denver: “I have penis?”
    • Me: “No baby. You have a vulva.”
    • Denver: “I have penis?”
    • Me: “Nope. Vulva.”
    • Denver: “I no have penis?”
    • Me: “Right. No penis. Vulva. You have a vulva.”
    • Denver: “I have vulva?????”
    • I think we’re clear-ish. 
  • loves “autocados.”
  • answers yes/no questions with, “Yes. Of course.”
  • shouts, “Street where we live! Street where we live,” when we turn onto our street.
  • operates the microwave…unassisted.
  • tinkled in the potty a couple of times this month. We are not potty-training yet…but she’s somewhat interested.
  • has adopted the blanket that “Miss Ranee” made her for Christmas as her favorite. She calls it her Miss Ranee bankie. It has tassles on it and Denver fingers them as she drifts off to sleep. Precious.
  • washes dishes. Okay, sorta. You know, for fun. Girl loves to cook and clean (and make twice the work for mama.)
  • attended the 2016 Daddy Daughter Dance with Phil and Eden. Such a precious evening. She wore a beautiful silver dress, her rain boots (that light up), and her backpack.
  • is still stuck on “I NEED” when she wants something…”I need candy.” Indeed.
  • addresses groups of kids with, “Guys! Hey guys!”
  • has discovered the joys of the shower! She does NOT like to bathe…at all. Wonderfully, the girl enjoys the shower! Whew.
  • discovered the wonders of running through the grass, in the dark, with a flashlight. We attended the Family Flashlight Night at the Botanical Gardens. It was magical.
  • quietly celebrated a year of living life as a Tessier. (Her adoption day is February 24.) She is such a gift.
  • has captured us…heart and soul.



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