Team Tessier – The Players

We are the best kind of tired. The best. Phil and I alternate between happy sighs…astounded by the beauty within our little home…to petrified whimpers…overwhelmed by the beauty within our little home…to delirious laughter…cause we’re just so damned sleepy.

Since we may have the girls for briefest of moments, thought I’d capture the makeup of our team, as it currently stands:

Phil – head coach. His main job is to keep da mama calm-ish. He calms me as I cry; he calms me as I rant about the girls (Eden and Denver) being so needy; he calms me as I voice my fears about not being enough; he calms me. His schedule is at my mercy…sweet man that he is. Currently, he’s in the office from 9:30-3:30. He’s home by 4:00 as I simply cannot bear the thought of the witching hour without him. When he comes home, he gives me a quick nap. He plays with the girls and helps me put them to bed. Then he works, making up the hours he’s missing at the office. And he takes the first watch with Mia (wee babe.) He comes to bed between 2:30-3:00. Phil Tessier is the best of men. The best of the best of the best. I am so blessed by his sweet service and calm demeanor.

Jan – team captain and team manager. My main job is to help ease everyone through this transition. Eden and Denver are a bit overwhelmed by their lack of mama time. They are continually fighting over my lap. Yes, yes, my lap is the most coveted seat in the house. For now, I am trying to keep our heads above water…cutting back on outings cause it makes me cranky. I know enough to know that if I’m cranky, everything and everyone falls apart. So, I am taking steps to make my life easier…which makes everyone’s life just a bit sweeter. We have food, diapers, and wipes arriving daily. (Thanks, good folks, for helping us adjust.) Let’s see, I basically run around changing diapers, giving hugs, kissing boo boos, making bottles, burping the baby, and making sure no one pokes the dogs nor the baby in the eye..too much. Oh, and I referee about a bazillion fights a day. And try to keep the sand and the mud outside. I try. Oh, and food. I just throw food at the girls. I find that fruits work the best…and those pre-made pbj’s…those are great for chunking at kids.

My day begins about 4:00 ish and wraps up…about 9:30 ish. And it is FULL…deliciously full. And I am soo very, very sleepy. This will pass soon enough. Phil promises me. The baby will gain enough weight at some point to sleep through the night. At some point.

Eden: point guard. Oh my soul! This girl has been such a huge help…and such a pain in the backside. She definitely takes charge, making sure everyone is following the rules…and that everyone is safe. Her sweetness is palatable as she dotes on Chick Pea (17 months) and Sweet Pea (wee babe). (Chick Pea idolizes Eden…as is right.) Eden has had more and more to say about Rosemary, her first mom…and how Rosemary did things. Sigh. (That Rosemary, she was a keeper! Too bad she died…so tragically…according to Eden.) Much of Eden’s life now transpires in the imaginary realm…as is right. And in the mud. She has taken a keep interest in mud. Likes the way it feels between her toes…and everywhere else. This is great since we are working on our first garden. We’re plating tomatoes on March 16! If nothing else, it is good, dirty fun for Eden.

Denver – defense. Be still my heart. Denver relishes the role of big sister! She is a natural…but she is also decidedly jealous for her mama, “MY mom, MY mom,” she chants throughout the day. Denver is my picker-upper of messes, dishes, toys. She does this on her own…likes to stay on top of the clutter. One of Denver’s key responsibilities is to make SURE that Esperanza does not touch her stuff too much…or sit in her spot too much…or drink from her cup too much…or generally mess with her things…too much. This is a big job for Denver and it occupies most of her day. I will say, Denver and Esperanza have the most epic battles in the household. Must have something to do with one being a two-year-old and the other being a toddler. Eh.

Chick Pea – the cheerleader. This girl is a bundle of energy and giggles. With such energy, I expected there to be a temper…alas, none to speak of…yet. Of course, she may…okay…is likely still feeling us out.

When Chick Pea arrived, she did NOT like women. (I had very little to do with her for the first two days…just let Phil take the lead with her.) However, we are now the best of buds…in fact, she often prefers me to Phil. (In your face, Phil Tessier…taker-of-my-daughters’-hearts!) Chick Pea loves to snuggle and hug and hug and hug…no wonder we’ve become such good friends. She loves milk, Cheerios, chicken spaghetti, and orange slices. Chick Pea fits right in around here…runs around barefoot in the backyard…and is NOT afraid to get dirty. She also loves the dogs…especially Two Two. Oh, and this girl loves her baby sister. Though Chick Pea pinches, scratches, and pulls hair (okay, so maybe there is a bit of a temper), she is oh-so-gentle with Sweet Pea. And independent? Whew. This child barely needs me. She can buckle her own seat belt, check on and feed the baby. Shoot, she can probably change diapers…which is great, because we have three kiddos sporting them right now. One of charms is her ability to sleep through the night. Ahhh! And she takes two naps a day. Delicious.

Sweet Pea – the mascot. She is sweetness, and goodness, and hunger. Her appetite is unparalleled by any child I’ve cared for. Every two hours…nom, nom, nom. She’s still in the newborn stage of eat, burp, potty, sleeeeeeeeep. Lots of sleep. (If only it came in longer chunks! Grr.) She enjoys a pacifier…but you know, can’t really keep it in. Yes, yes I do tie it on with a burp rag from time to time. Don’t judge. Her favorite pass-time is hanging out in the sling…close to da mama. She’ll do the swing and the bouncy seat some…but she loves her some sling time…as do I. We are all in love with da baby. As is right.

There you have it. Team Tessier. March. 2016.


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