Eden — Four and Three

This update is ridiculously late…but we’ve been a bit busy. We have welcomed two precious little girls into our home, and Eden has become the oldest of four. Four! She wears it well, and we are so proud of the kindness and gentle guidance that Eden has shown her new charges. This one! She is quickly growing into a lovely, vivacious, tender, passionate person. I could eat her up.

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At four years and three months, Eden:

  • actually uttered, “Fine! I’ll do it myself.” Sassy. Pants. We had a talk about being vulnerable and honest about our feelings. Rather than saying, “Fine, blah, blah, blah,” we say what we really mean…like, “Mom, I am sad you are not helping me…” or some such. Whew. It begins.
  • says “marvelous.” Love.
  • attended her fifth Daddy Daughter dance…with her precious Daddy.
  • is really into Lego’s and super heroes right now. (We’ve been spending a lot of time with two precious boys, and they are rubbing off on my girls in such delightful ways.) Eden’s current favorite Netflix fare includes Lego Batman Beleaguered and Lego Ninjago.
  • attended her first Family Flashlight Night at the Botanical Garden. Magical. It was just magical.
  • has learned to negotiate with da mama…and I have no one to blame but myself. It all began quite innocently…I thought I was using some excellent parenting skills…ahem. She was not accepting my “No” well…meaning she pretty much ignored my “NO” and kept asking. I said, “Eden, when I answer your question, you say, ‘OK Mama.'” That part was okay…but then I added, “If you are unhappy with my answer, you can say, ‘May we talk about it?'” Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Of course, she is gonna be an excellent saleswoman someday.
  • lost her first pet. Our Bailey died. She simply did not wake up. We all sat around Bailey and told her what we loved about her. Eden cried and asked how we could make her alive again. A few days later, I overheard her telling her teacher “Bailey ran out of air. We’re so sad.”
  • wants to know if she is still four.
  • is learning the phrase, “Eden, if you need me, come to me.” That girl calls me from every room in the house. Grrr.
  • smacks when she eats. Oi. We’re working on that one.
  • got out of bed at night to go potty. No accidents! The girl has got it down.
  • has created new names for each of us. Eden is Chloe; I am Mama Llama; Phil is Cricket; and Denver is Bengal. No idea why. No idea.
  • Rosemary (Eden’s pretend first mama) has become a frequent topic of conversation.
  • can open the back gate by herself…and get halfway to the church playground behind our house before I even notice she is gone.
  • screams at the slightest provocation…screams bloody murder. My go-to phrase is, “Do NOT scream like that unless you are bleeding.” Well, while we were at the Doseum, Eden fell…hard…and I could not get to her quickly. She commenced with the screaming. “Mom! Mom! I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding.” Ahem. Yep, she was bleeding. And everyone knew about it.
  • is showing her thoughtfulness more and more. She asked Phil to brush her hair…once he was done with “those dishes.” Sweet girl.
  • makes a trail of dog food for Two Two to follow to his food bowl.
  • likes to drink milk when she eats something spicy…like barbeque sauce.
  • asked for “just a few more hours” when Phil tried to wake her up early.
  • delights our hearts!
  • is the best, best, BEST big sister I’ve ever known.



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