We See You

We had our first court date for Mia and Esperanza. Eye-opening to say this least. Our first foster experience took place in a small town. Things are different this go round. We’re going through Bexar County…downtown…and all that implies. I always feel so cosmopolitan when downtown…even if only for court.

Family court is on the third floor. As to be expected from me and mine, we showed up way early. This made for great people-watching.

The tiny size of the courtroom surprised me. Pretty intimate surroundings.

And then it started. Phil and I knew so little about the girls and their story. We knew nothing of Mom…no details on why they were removed…just that it was an emergency removal.

Now we know. And it’s the sort of knowledge that burdens the soul and crushes the spirit.

But we got to see Mom. And in learning the details…we got to see Mom. And we do see you, Mom. And it is our greatest hope that your babies come home…to you…that your grief is redeemed…that your heart, mind, and spirit mend…that you find wholeness and healing.

We see you.


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