Chick Pea — Eighteen Months

Chick Pea! This one is something else. Such a bundle of joy and fear and delight and anguish. She came into our home on the night of Friday, March 4, and captured our hearts immediately…though she kept her distance from me until Monday. (Oh great. Another daddy’s girl!) Actually, the CPS investigators who brought her said that she stayed glued to the male investigator’s side all day. If he left the room, she fell apart. As a little “comfort” test, said male investigator left Chick Pea with Phil and went to the car. When he returned, he found Chick Pea, as happy as good be. Phil passed the test! And that delightful creature was left in our charge.

At eighteen months, Chick Pea:

  • is amazingly independent. This likely comes from needing to be independent. She can do her buckles for the car or the high chair; she can give the baby a bottle; she can get to anything she needs to get to…resourceful. I joke that it would not surprise me if she could change Sweet Pea’s diaper. Sad…but also fascinating.
  • has several words: sidder (sister), woof, cancy (Clancy), Two Two, amen, bubbles, good girl, outside, more, tee tee (milk), nana (food), MINE.
  • is picking up some signs. JOY oh joy! She can sign: milk, please, more.
  • is so very good with her baby sister! She shows such responsibility for the baby’s comfort. So sweet, yet breaks my heart.
  • gives open-mouth kisses. Mostly to the baby.
  • pinches and scratches and pulls hair…but is selective. Denver is her main target. Poor Denver is covered in pinch marks. Eden is the other target. Both Eden and Denver are amazingly patient…of course, more and more I let the girls display their dislike in their own way. Ahem.
  • has me wrapped around her finger…cause she’s so stinkin’ cute and sweet…around me. Likely, this is a defense mechanism…the ol’ “charm the one in charge” number. Eh. It’s working.
  • has the cutest dimples and the best smile. Her whole face lights up.
  • LOVES her tee-tee (milk).
  • slept through the night the first three or so nights. Likely, she was exhausted. Once she settled in a bit, she let her rip. Screaming four or so times a night. She’s down to one or two wakings…crying rather than screaming. Sometimes she even wakes up and quietly plays. Progress.
  • hugs my neck so sweetly when I get her out of her crib. Holds on for dear life. I hold on til she lets go.
  • watches me closely and does what I do. I tucked a flower behind my ear, so she stuffed some in her ear. Eh, close enough.
  • at church, someone asked her where mama was. She pointed to me. I could die. And cry.
  • dances! Loves to dance.
  • does table chores = empties plate into trash can, takes plate and utensils to sink.
  • loves to brush her teeth…especially after dipping her toothbrush in the toilet.
  • is starting to practice “gentle touch” with the girls.
  • makes us laugh. A lot. Every day.

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