Denver — Two and Six

Denver…oh Denver. I am so proud of this girl. On the evening of March 4th, she was my little…my baby. By the end of the night, she was a big…and a heck of an older sister. She fell right into the role. Seems she likes to guide and help…and be da boss, a bit. Mainly, her little chest swells as she shows her little charges the ropes.

2016-03-04 11.43.54 2016-03-27 14.13.34

At two years and six months, Denver:

  • distinguishes each guest that enters our home by genitalia…so be prepared. “Her has vulva.” OR “Him has penis.” It’s a thing right now. She is starting to grasp the concept that she does not, in fact, have a penis…she. has. a. vulva.
  • is infatuated with the movie Home and reenacts the scene in which O runs to the Gorg ship…with Gorg “egg” outstretched in his hand…shouting, “Gorg! GORG!!!” It has been a most gratuitous month for her…March was filled with plastic Easter eggs and all. (This kid is adorable.)
  • begins each morning with, “I need candy.” She repeats this statement several times an hour…every hour…all day.
  • got into my glucotabs. First kid…kept Kyser out; kept Celis out; kept Kilian out; kept Eden out. Found Denver sitting in the car…open bottle of glucotabs…mostly empty. Stinker. (For the uninitiated, glucotabs are basically sugar pills…candy, if you will. They raise blood sugar quickly.) For each child in my life, I explained, “No! You may NOT have one. That is my medicine. ” Worked with every kid…until Denver.
  • asks for privacy…for diaper changes…or just to tinkle IN her diaper. I think it’s almost time for potty training.
  • is afraid of bugs. This breaks my bug-loving heart. She’s not totally afraid…she just does not want to touch them.
  • has my frustrated growl down perfectly. Per-fect-ly. She even follows with, “I’m. So. Frus-ter-ated!!!” It is the most adorable imitation.
  • has pronoun confusion. Eden did not really go through this phase, and it almost killed me. Denver’s in the thick of  it. “Her is my friend.” “Him is silly.” Etc, etc. Swooooon.
  • repeats questions with the answers…ad nauseum. In all honesty, I totally love this stage. She is rehearing a conversation…and rehearsing it…and rehearsing it. Now, this past month has been filled with lots of visits from two of our favorite boys, Landon and Maxon. So, this little number was played over and over:
    • Denver: Him has penis?
    • Me: Yes, he has a penis.
    • Denver: He is a big boy?
    • Me: Yes, he is a big boy.
    • Repeat…twenty times…give or take.
    • OR, this one:
    • Denver: I have penis?
    • Me: No, Den. You have a vulva.
    • Denver: I have vulva?
    • Me: Yes, babe. You have a vulva.
    • Repeat, repeat, repeat.
    • (Note, Phil does not find this rehearsing thing to be nearly as fun as I do.)
  • tells us, “Shhhh. The baby’s seeeeping” when Sweet Pea is taking a nap.
  • has pretend phone conversations with Nana…all the time.
  • is growing up! She’s not the baby anymore.
  • is definitely grieving. Sniff, sniff. This whole change…two more babies…is fun and NOT fun. She’s been very clingy…and wants to sit in my lap or near my lap or just be near me. She cries. A lot. And she doesn’t know why. But I do. And I try to love her through this transition…and let her cry and be held and be grumpy. So proud of what she is doing…even if she has no clue she is doing it.



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