Sweet Pea — Two Months

Well, Sweet Pea is all that she should be. She’s da bebe. Sooooooooo precious and sweet. The girl only cries when she’s hungry or wet. That’s it. Of course, she’s hungry every two hours. Still,  sweetest disposition ever. We are totally smitten.

At two months, Sweet Pea:

  • eats…every…two…hours.
  • loves to play her kick piano. She can play a mean tune…over and over and over and over.
  • tries to grab the little elephant that hangs over her head (part of the kick piano)…kinda tries to grab it. She still hasn’t figured out her hands, but she’s getting there.
  • dances to music…in a very two-month-old manner…she responds to it…her face lights up.
  • likes to sleep on her tum…but ONLY when da mama is close and watching.
  • loves the ceiling fan. She flirts with it like crazy.
  • will take a pacifier if someone can hold it in…and someone can cause that girl is stinkin’ cute…oh, and she’s the baby.
  • has so much fuzz. She’s the fuzziest baby I’ve ever seen…back, ears, arms…covered in soft, black fuzz. It would be disturbing if she were not so stinkin’ cute. This clip says it all

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