Eden — Four and Four

This girl is as sweet as she is tough. Right now, she is struggling a bit to embrace the role of eldest or four. We are asking a lot of our girl, and we know she will rise to the occasion. We are so proud of her!

Daddy Daughter date at Brindles. Yum.
Daddy Daughter date at Brindles. Yum.

2016-04-16 12.00.04

At four years and four months, Eden:

  • is as infatuated with being a princess as she is with being Batgirl.
  • watches Batman every chance she gets.
  • looks for words that rhyme…all the time. Sometimes she gets it right…sometimes not so much.
  • declared, “Daddy, you are carrying me like a princess,” as he carried her to bed one night.
  • is becoming known for suggestions such as, “Let’s get rid of Denver. She is mean to me,” or simply, “Let’s get rid of Denver,” and there’s the “Let’s get rid of all the kids,” one too.
  • thinks the phrase, “Back off, lady” is hilarious. I cannot imagine where she heard this. Ahem.
  • likes the color “violent”…must be all the Batman.
  • had her first Daddy Date. (We are trying to do more one-on-one outings with the girls now that our brood is busting at the seams.)
  • is starting to compare her performance with others…and she is always “better than you!”
  • kissed Chick Pea so sweetly and whispered, “I love you, Chick Pea.” Swoon.
  • loves to play with rope and explore our backyard.
  • daily checks on the tomatoes we planted this year. (It has been FUN. So glad I tried it. Next year we may try even more! Maybe.)
  • lost her best buddy. He moved. She is recovering…but mentions going to visit…and has a suitcase that she daily repacks…with toys.

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