Sweet Pea — Three Months

Three months! Our youngest is three months. Wow. That was fast.

At three months, Sweet Pea:

  • smiles when she sees me or Phil. Swoooooon. (She smiles all the time…but really lights up when she sees one of us.)
  • coos. Swooooooon.
  • has found her thumb…and is working on getting it into her mouth. (Phil is vehemently opposed! I think everything she does is precious and perfect.)
  • has grown so much. She is so long now!
  • can down 6 oz of formula. Not. Too. Shabby.
  • has gone 6 hours at night. So close to sleeping through the night.
  • ¬†tracked me as I walked across the room.
  • can hold her head up! Not for too long, but WOW, she is getting big.

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