Chick Pea — Nineteen Months

This girl is resilience! At the tender age of nineteen months, she has much to teach about perseverance…oh, and joy. She smiles with her entire body…but those eyes. I long to post a picture…dimples and bright eyes. She has captured my heart…even though she can be a stinker!

At nineteen months, Chick Pea:

  • sleeps much more peacefully. She still wakes a couple of times a night, but is easily soothed with milk. And she no longer cries for “Mama, Mama” at night.
  • exists on air. Seriously, she does not eat much. Must be all the milk at night!
  • hugs and kisses the girls now more than she pinches and scratches them. (Thank you, Jesus!) Swoon.
  • loves Eden and Denver. Okay, sometimes she hates Denver…but that’s only because Denver steals her toys…and her snacks…and her blanket. Oh, and shoves her down. Aside from that, Denver and Chick get along great.
  • is signing so much!!! AND talking more: signs please, finished, down, milk. We are working hard on thank you. Hard.
  • tried to put a diaper on our dachshund. Two Two was not into it.
  • calls me Mama.
  • copies Eden and Denver. If they squeal or scream or shout, she copies. (Yea. LOTS of noise.)
  • is very tender and sweet after visits with her birth mom. This surprises and delights me. I expected the opposite…anger and outbursts. Eh. What do I know?
  • is feeling quite at home now = has impressive temper tantrums. We take this as a good sign.
  • brings light adn laughter into our lives…which is good, cause she can be a stinker! Did I mention that?
  • gets into everything. Every. Thing. I think this is a sure sign of her brilliance.

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