Denver — Two and Seven

Oh our Denny Den, how we adore this child. She is the one who fills me with peace…she sits in my lap in silence…and we breathe together. She’s my go-to for quiet moments and sweet giggles. If you know her well, you know that she is also my screamer, “Inside voice, Den,” or just as likely, “You take that voice outside where it belongs, girl,” followed by my mama growl.

She’s had a pretty rough month. Though she began her big-sister career pretty strong, her grief in giving up the mama and the position of baby is taking its toll. She has been incredibly clingy and weepy. Plus, she butts heads with Chick Pea constantly. It makes for a weary girl.

2016-05-02 11.41.38
Note the boots. Very into wearing Eden’s shoes these day. Plus the scab Eden gave her…head wound via watering can. Sisters!

First time to fly a kite. She's a natural.

    First time to fly a kite. She’s a natural.


At two years and seven months, Denver:

  • still detests baths and showers. It is a miracle when can get her clean at all.
  • has said, on many occasions as of late, “I need some space, guys.”
  • also says, “I want to be alone.” (I feel ya, girl.)
  • let the man in front of us at the grocery store know that he has a penis. I think he was appreciative.
  • puts a raspberry on each finger and sings “The Finger Family” song, then eats the berries. Yum!
  • tinkled in the potty…by herself…then proceeded to potty train herself. Whew. Second time around is cake!
  • calls her potty “the tiny potty.”
  • flew. She can fly. I was pushing her on our “big girl” swing. She had some air between her and the ground, so she let go. She did a back flip and landed on the teeter totter. Cried a bit. Then got back on the swing. That’s my girl!
  • tells me “Don’t sing that song” when there is a phrase or word she does not want me to say. Must be cause I sing. All. The. Time.
  • will carefully consider questions before answering. She says, “Ummmm, and then sucks her teeth” before she answers. I wondered where in the world she picked up this adorable habit…until I caught myself doing it the other day. Good thing I’m so cute. Makes for cute copy-catters.
  • is so sweet in the morning. She’s my early-riser, so we totally take advantage of one-on-one time. She sits quietly in my lap and snuggles…sometimes we can get in a walk. Such sweet times with her!
  • insists on hugs and kisses upon leaving. It is a BIG deal.
  • blows kisses and signs “I love you” upon departing.
  • is less mortified by reprimands. Where she once froze in despair, she now simply says, “Oh, I’m sorry!” then goes on with play.
  • knows the chicken dance. (Kids Day Out, no doubt). I did not realize this til one day, she was standing alone in the living room, unaware of my presence. And she just did it. And now we chicken dance as a family…as is right.
  • identifies food by which friend eats it. Oranges are “Andrew fruit” and apple sauce in a cup is “Ray Ray applesauce.”
  • yells “Cannon ball” upon jumping into a pile of stuffed animals.
  • loves wearing Eden’s shoes.
  • whines. A lot. Like all the time. It’s so annoying…and utterly adorable. This kid!



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