Eden — Four and Five

Like her name, Eden is a garden rich in beauty and lush in bounty….giggles, wiggles, shouts of glee! She is blossoming as the eldest and my heart bursts with pride.

And that folks, is where it ends. I typed that first paragraph last month…while doing her April update. I took down May’s notes…and…and…well, maybe I fed them to a dog or a child. I have no idea. And funnier yet, with four littles now, I have no idea what I noted about Eden…which is why I take notes…but now even more so. So really, this update is a reality check. Not only has life changed for Eden, it has changed for me…and my quick glimpses of each precious life in my care…is even more dear. Life is going so quickly, that if I do not jot notes, beauty and growth happen…and I do not see it…nor remember it.

And so, to you, Darling Eden Tessier, know this, you have blessed your mama’s heart this past month. You have been such a helper! You have grown to embrace your new role beautifully. Thank you, sweet girl.

And remember this, one day you will lose something you value greatly…because life can get hectic. When it happens…and it will…be gentle with yourself. Embrace your frailty. Laugh. Breathe. Live.


Your adoring Mama


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