Denver — Two and Eight

Oh my girl. She’s the one that sings sweetly to my soul with her quiet ways. She’s my refuge in times of noise, noise, noise. Ironically, she can be the loudest of my crew…by far. I know I’ve mentioned this, but it bears repeating…she does not have an indoor voice. At. All. But, like me, she can just sit and be content and quiet…for minutes…sometimes only seconds…but that’s better than the others! Mmmmm.

Alas, poor girl is struggling with her middle-ness. Urg. She has started hitting, pinching, and pulling hair. She demands…her things…her way…her space. And she has started to stutter…a bit. All this interchanged with sweetness towards her siblings. This one…she is a deep river. And my heart aches for her struggle even as it embraces the truth…this is her journey. This is her story. This is hers. (What an honor to witness this girl’s becoming!)

Kyser and his wee cousins!
Kyser and his wee cousins!
"Look, just like Randee."
“Look, just like Randee.”
Top of the world!
Top of the world!
Left to right: Celis, Kilian, GregO, Shea-Shea, two adorable girls.
Left to right: Celis, Kilian, GregO, Shea-Shea, two adorable girls.

At two years and eight months, Denver:

  • is potty training herself. She’s had a bit of a setback due to our trip to Colorado. Still, girl is doing this all on her own. Occasionally, she’ll say, “I went potty. Can I have a treat?” Uh, YEAH!
  • loves early mornings.
  • enjoys walks…alone…with Mama. We try to take a daily walk down the street to the woman who grows veggies in her front yard. We check on the tomatoes and the beans. We recently noted that she dug up her squash. AND that the veggie we thought was lettuce…is actually eggplant. Talk about exciting! Oh, and the lady’s cactus is blooming. Lots to see…just a few houses down.
  • calls me “Mamba.” I rather like it.
  • calls any overhanging of trees or tunnels or tunnel-like walkways, “the bat cave.” (Eden’s Batman habit has affected Denver…indirectly.)
  • flew to Denver, Colorado. She did great! (The last time we flew, she screamed for an hour. Ick.) Her explanation of flying, to everyone who would listen, was adorable. “We are flying…like a bird!” Then she’d flap her arms.
  • spent time with Papa, Lulu, Aunt Shea-Shea, Celis, Kyser, Kilian…and Uncle Greg (whom she adores.)
  • fell in love with Cousin Kilian. On our last day, she told me, in such a sweet, sad voice, “Mommy, I love her.”
  • went to her first high school graduation. It has ruined all of us for high school graduations…as it was here. Granted, we spent 90% of our time playing on the steps and at the summit, BUT, we did see Kyser walk down the steps AND we heard and witnessed his graduation. Sniff, sniff.
  • misses out on yummy flavors…all the time…because she will not try anything that…oh, I don’t know what her stipulations are. But if it looks odd to her, it is OUT. Sadly, she has missed out on multiple, delicious fruit smoothies. (More for me!)
  • has learned a thing or two from Team Unizoomi. Phil witnessed this little gem:
    • Geo asked, “Which one is the small coin?”
    • Denver correctly identified “That one on the right.” (I knew all those hours and hours and hours of TV would pay off!)
  • has officially given up the bottle. (Don’t judge. I could not let the bottle thing go. Could. Not. She’s so stinkin’ cute with her bottle of milk first thing in the morning as we snuggle…at night as we snuggle…nap time as we snuggle.) I took advantage of our trip to Colorado to switch to a sippy cup. Sniff, sniff. Waaaaaaaaaah!
  • lives very much in her imagination right now. One of her favorite things to play is “They’re in trouble!” It goes like this…she “sees” someone in the distance and says, “Oh no! They’re in trouble. We need to help!” Then we run off…to help.
  • copies Eden…Eden’s wants, Eden’s dislikes. It is terribly cute.
  • loves to play in the rain…especially puddles.
  • likes to look for worms…and especially likes for ME to look for worms with her. Luckily, I am a BIG fan of the worm.
  • does the Chicken Dance in both slow motion and fast, fast, fast. The slow motion is hi-lar-ious. Oh, this girl!

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