Sweet Pea — Four Months

Oh dear, I am in trouble. This one has captured me heart and soul. She’s the easiest baby ever, which is reason enough to adore her, but she’s so amazingly happy. And she’s at the coo-stage. She coos and giggles…and radiates sweet, sweetness. It doesn’t hurt that she lights up when she sees me…makes me feel like I’m kind of a big deal. I. Love. Her. So.

At four months, Little Miss Sunshine (a.k.a. Sweet Pea):

  • giggles!
  • rolls over.
  • has found her feet.
  • has great neck control.
  • can sit and play in her jumper…with some padding help.
  • is big enough for a front carry with no baby insert. (Woot woot!) Alas, she’s not a big fan…yet.
  • grew and grew and grew while I was away for five days. I can home and BOOM, total neck control and CHUNKY MONKEY!

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