Chick Pea — Twenty Months

Chick Pea is hands-down, the smartest kid I have ever met…and fiercely independent. I have not doubts, this girl could survive just fine with no help from me…the pesky grown up who makes her follow adult/child protocol. At twenty months, she has got it all over kids twice her age. She is a keen observer, a quick study, and an excellent mime. Oh, and charming. That smile. Those eyes. That giggle. I am completely captivated.

At twenty months, Chick Pea:

  • says “Thank you” now! We worked really hard on this one.
  • has two great loves: pushing objects…chairs, strollers, and pouring water. She can pour water from one container to another for about an hour…maybe more.
  • boldly opens doors and grabs the first thing she if she knows exactly what she’s doing…as if she knows precisely what is behind the closed door, even if it is her first time.
  • shushes others…finger on lips for emphasis.
  • can climb up most anything. Getting down is another matter. Several times a day, she needs rescue.
  • can say the sentence, “I want down!” This is great considering the aforementioned item.
  • mimics tones beautifully, even when she cannot get the words quite right. When I say “love you,” she repeats “yuh you.”
  • was nipped on the cheek by Two. Though it did not break the skin, this a big deal in “foster world.” I was worried Two’s life would be cut short. Alas, all that was required was a ten-day quarantine and a rabies check. Two passed…and lived to rule the Tessier home another day.
  • can escape her diaper. Oh joy.
  • loves to play “this litle piggy”, and will giggle “ya ya ya ya ya” for “wee wee wee, all the way home.”
  • is learning signs like crazy. We’re indoctrinating her with Baby Signing Time. When the DVD starts, she recognizes it and signs “Baby.” This one is crazy smart.
  • has started visits with her bio mom. She gets to see her twice a week for two hours each time. It’s a mixed bag, to say the least. It has changed the behavior of the little one we had just gotten to know. Now, I’m not sure which is the “real” Chick. Time will tell.
  • has started doing table chores with the big kids! She empties her plate and puts it in the sink.
  • calls me “Mommy Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma.” Pretty catchy.

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