Eden — Four and Six

This big sister is a keeper! Eden is a master at keeping her ducks…or sisters…in a row. And boy, does the girl have a mind of her own! Though this is an excellent quality in life…it is hell on a mama. Yes, Eden knows her mind and continually pursues the art of the sway…”encouraging” others to see things her way. Eden is a bold as she is sweet…rough and tumble as she is gentle…serious as she is funny. Oh this girl…I love her so.

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At four years and six months, Eden:

  • thinks she can speak Spanish…fluently…and often does so.
  • can become overwhelmed with the loudness of three younger siblings, “They won’t leave me alone with their mouths.” I feel ya, sister. I feel ya.
  • has created a variation on the “Hello, my name is Inigo” bit. It goes something like this. “Hello. My name is Chloe. You did not kill my father. Prepare to not die.” Eh. Not too shabby. I believe I have mentioned, Chloe is Eden’s alias.
  • has “discovered” a third mother. There is me, of course. And there is Rosemary…her first and clearly most awesome mom…the one who let her do pretty much anything she wanted. Well, there is now Lucille. Lucille does not get much air time. I don’t know much about her…but she came after the beloved Rosemary, but before me. So there you have it.
  • bites her toenails. Gross. But impressive.
  • uses movie lines at every opportunity. I could not be more proud. This little scene is a takeoff of Megamind:
    • Phil: “What if the answer is no, Eden.”
    • Eden: “You don’t know what’s good for no!”
  • told Denver, “I am NOT being your friend anymore,” in a fit of frustration. Oh, the drama.
  • flew, like a boss, to Denver, Colorado. Not only was she a big help on the flight, she entertained folks around us. Tooooo fast! She is growing up too fast.
  • adored spending time with Papa, Lulu, Aunt Shea-Shea, Kyser, Uncle Greg, Celis, and Kilian.
  • is a BIG fan of Papa’s cinnamon toast. Who isn’t? Lots o’ butter…lots o’ sugar…what’s not to like?`
  • leaps before she looks. Gotta say, I love this little trait of hers. It reminds me so of…who is that? Oh yes, me. Here’s to the leapers in life!



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