Denver — Two and Nine

Oh Denver Girl, this has been a hard month. I believe it is the age. I believe. Girl whines, whimpers, and cries sunup to sundown. Seriously. There is the occasional scream of delight…quickly followed by tears. Honestly, I am in awe of her endurance. How can a body cry so much…every day? Truly. Likely, she is hitting a developmental marker that is freaking her out. Likely. I can tell, new concepts are clear to her…she’s making leaps and bounds intellectually. I reckon her little system just cannot deal with all the new. Sigh. I hurt for her. But mostly, I want to smack her…cause that whine gets to me…after the first five hours.

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At two years and nine months, Denver:

  • has discovered a new food favorite: prunes! Ewww.
  • noticed that the kind officer who pulled me over was “a big boy.” Gratefully, by the time he got back to my car with a warning (Thank you, Jesus), Denver had finished her probing about whether the officer had a penis or a vulva. When he came to the window, I silently prayed, Please, please don’t let her ask him if he has a penis. Prayer answered.
  • uses “but I’m shyyyyyyy” to get out of…anything she doesn’t want to do. This includes feeding the dogs and table chores. I’ve started countering with “Shy is not an excuse. Shy is a chance to be really brave.” Eh. It’s a start. I’m not sure how to discuss this with her.
  • wants everything she sees. Talk about lust of the eyes! Seriously. When she wakes up in the morning, she wants everything she sees on the way to the breakfast table…”I want that pillow. I want that baby doll. I want that banana. I want that book. I want that cup. I want that cereal. I want that apple. I want that milk.” I guess this is an improvement on “I need candy,” every morning for breakfast. Unless, of course, we pass by some candy.
  • declares, “I can’t turn the dark off” when she wants the lights on. Tooooo cute.
  • can count like crazy! She wants to count everything…and I love watching her learn and explore.
  • Team Umizoomi is currently her favorite show. This might account for her flare for math.
  • she likes to wear her “Pattern Power” dress…which is a blue dress with white flowers. It does look like something Milli would wear.
  • proudly declared, “I have the goldfish in the world…” thought about it for a moment…”I have a lot of goldfish.” Smarty girl.
  • calls the remote the “framote.” Love it.
  • attended her first weddding. She donned a princess dress with rain boots. Stunning.
  • yells, “Ice berger!” when the freezer drops a piece of ice.
  • is in love/lust with my phone. I have to be really careful to keep it out of sight. Cause…as I’ve mentioned…she wants everything she sees. But the phone is a bit different. She wakes up asking for it. Oi. Already addicted.
  • says “for five minutes” for anything she wants to do. “Can I watch this for five minutes?” “Can I have your phone for five minutes?” “Can I get out of bed for five minutes?”
  • sees monsters everywhere dark. Monsters, monsters, monsters.
  • wants to be held…a lot. Good thing she’s adorable…and has a snuggly mother.
  • is going toe-to-toe with Eden, which is saying a lot. Eden has about twenty pounds on Den…and is head and shoulders above. Let the fun begin!
  • attended her first VBS. Though there is evidence that she had fun (photos!), it might not have been her gig. She willingly went, clung at the door, then willingly stayed. But did not seem to keen on the idea.
  • is still our precious girl…despite the whining.

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