Sweet Pea — Five Months

Oh, our Sweet Pea. She is the very first baby I have fallen in love with. I tend to fall for my kiddos when they hit the eighteen-month mark. You know, when they interact more and their little personalities are shining through. Til that time, I just love on ’em, enjoy their cuteness, and pour into them. But this one! Oh, she has captured me from the get-go. Such a sweet, sweet baby.

Speaking of, she is not a newborn anymore. That’s probably obvious to the outsider. Not so much to me…til I went to visit a newborn. Gulp. Sweet Pea is a beast compared to the wee, tiny, itty, bitty newborn. Sniff, sniff.

At five months, Sweet Pea:

  • has a full, robust cry. Somewhere along the way, she lost her kitten cry. Waaaaaah!
  • enjoys the swimming pool. (What does this kid NOT enjoy though?) She just relaxes and takes in the rhythm of the water.
  • is sporting an amber teething necklace these days. Don’t know if those things work, but it couldn’t hurt. Poor baby is slobbery and mouthy.
  • sticks out her tongue. It is adorable…at this age.
  • can find and put her pacifier in her mouth. Big. Deal.
  • likes to sleep on her tummy.
  • has mastered her jumper unaided. We’ve removed the blankies used to support her…and the girl can go to town on that thing. She’s getting so strong.
  • is enamored with her hands.
  • attended a wedding. She was the cutest baby there!
  • attended VBS…sorta. She did the nursery while her big sisters and I did VBS.
  • was measured for a helmet. Gulp. Back of her head is a tad flat. A tad. She did not qualify. Her head was just not flat enough. Whew.  We’ve been working on alternative positions. (I’ve found holding/wearing and snuggling her works best…for both of us.)

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