Chick Pea — Twenty One Months

Chick Pea is so stinking smart. I know I’ve mentioned it, but WOW, her creative problem solving skills astound.

At twenty one months, Chick Pea:

  • is smart enough to run the show. Seriously…someone put her in charge, please.
  • gets her own boogies…cause she’s just that advanced. Got a boogie? Get a Kleenex and blow…like our big girl.
  • attended her first wedding…or so I think. Anyhoo…it was her first wedding with the Tessiers.
  • met her first cat. Confused her a bit…as she kept calling it a doggie.
  • loves the Happy Birthday Song. We went to a party in which the song was sung. The next day, she kept saying, “Happy to to!” and we didn’t get it for the loooongest time…cause we are not quite as sharp as the Chick. Once I caught on…we sang the song over and over and over and over….
  • says “I forgive you” when I tell her to say “I’m sorry.” We have a little script we follow to teach the girls how to make an apology…Chick Pea knows the script…so she just jumps straight to the end…”I forgive you!”
  • adores Baby Signing Time. She is picking up signs right and left.
  • HATES the swimming pool. Sniff, sniff. We’re working on it.
  • delights and confounds us…daily. We are so grateful she is part of our family…if only for a season.

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