Eden — Four and Seven

Oh, my girl. She has reached an age I just adore. Granted, they’ve all been pretty nifty, but this four-and-a-half stage is delicious. She’s funny…with fewer tantrums. She’s helpful…with fewer meltdowns. She’s sweet…with a fiery temper. She’s just the type of girl I’d pick to be my best buddy. So, once we’re through with the whole growing up thing, I think I’ll have a great gal to hang with.

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Landon...her soul mate.
Landon…her soul mate.
Yes. Yes those are what you think they are. A whole box of them. Yea.
Yes. Yes those are what you think they are. A whole box of them. Yea.

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Makeup applied by Eden.
Makeup applied by Eden.

At four years and seven months, Eden:

  • likes to cut her own hair. Granted, she just snips bits and pieces, so it’s not really noticeable. I wouldn’t even know if not for the trail of golden tendrils she leaves here and there.
  • attended her first VBS…and adored it. Yea! (Jury is still out for the mama…were the four days worth all the blood, sweat, and tears? Eh, a definite maybe.)
  • is da boss of her little sisters: “Denver, you should ask before using Mama’s shampoo.” Hmph.
  • offered to help Denver get her shirt one. Swoon. Such a helpful girl.
  • likes to play Mom and Daughter with Denver. They take turns being the mama. Here is Eden’s rendition of…well…me: “Denver! How many times do I have to tell you??” (Damn it! I’m that mom.)
  • is very, very, VERY fancy these days. Our blessed Sadie (ten-year-old mother’s helper) gave Eden some hand-me-downs. Lots of glitter. Lots of sparkle. Eden is one happy girl.
  • notices and complements girls…and guys…on their wardrobe choices…necklaces especially…but also shirts…skirts. She walks right up to strangers because she MUST, MUST, MUST let them know how much she enjoys their outfits.
  • attended her first wedding. She wore a princess dress and sneakers. Classy.
  • has fallen in love with the Disney Short “John Henry.” It has captured her heart and mind. Ummmm, delving into slavery was…interesting. Gotta start somewhere. Right? I just wasn’t prepared. Too soon! Too soon!
  • calls John Henry, John Hickman. When I asked who John Hickman was, she said, “He’s the brown man with the hammer.”
  • got a hold of a dry erase marker…and went to town…table, TV, floor, door…nice shade of black. Grrrr.
  • is queen of the Quiet Game. Ironic. My non-stop talker is a master of the Quiet Game. Ahhhh. Sweet, sweet peace for da mama.
  • enjoys listening to K-Love (Christian Music). Eden and Denver are learning some of the songs…which is super sweet.They were belting out, “He’s making diamonds out of us.” Indeed.
  • calls Goo Gone “Gone Junk”. Yep. That’s about right.
  • knows our address! How does she know our address??? The discovery:
    • Eden: “I know our house number!”
    • Dad: “What is it?”
    • Eden: “One, three, four, one, four.”
    • Dad: “How did you know that?????”
    • Eden: “I see it when we leave the house.”
  • got a surprise visit from her BFF, Landon! (He moved away in May…sniff, sniff.) She was beside herself with joy.
  • is a delight to raise. An absolute delight. Thank you, Jesus, for this precious girl!

One thought on “Eden — Four and Seven

  1. These are the best years coming up!!! I love 4-7.5. 7.6 and beyond is not nearly so funny and wonder filled. Or maybe it is, but it gets so busy and they spend more time with friends and telling you things you didn’t get to enjoy with them. enjoy the good moments with gusto!

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