Chick Pea — Twenty-Two Months

This girl! She is certain to be an engineer…or a CEO…or an engineer CEO. The girl is crazy smart and fearless…except when it comes to garbage trucks. Garbage trucks send her over the edge. Nonetheless, this smart, resourceful girl is going places.


At twenty-two months, Chick Pea:

  • signs. A lot! We watch either Baby Signing Time OR Signing Time every morning. She eats it up. Makes my heart so happy.
  • plays kitty. And puppy. Too cute.
  • has the quickest hands in the west…especially if I am wearing her on my back. I’m always shocked to discover what she is holding…a book she grabbed off a shelf…a cup…a hairbrush. It’s always a fun surprise.
  • is teaching her baby sister to sign the word “more.” Swoon.
  • can remove the yard stick that we placed through the handles of the kitchen drawers…to lock her out of them. We’re in so much trouble.
  • whilst removing the yard stick one day, she took out the girls plates and cups from a drawer and set the table. Set the table, folks. This girl does not mess around. Did I mention she is twenty-two months??
  • is such a good mama to Sweet Pea. The other day I walked out of the room, leaving Sweet Pea in her high chair with a bowl of rice cereal nearby. When I returned, Chick was standing on a chair, feeding Sweet Pea cereal…and cleaning off her face with a rag.
  • likes to clean. I’ll give her a rag and let her loose to walk around the house to clean surfaces. She adores this activity. (And I adore her.)
  • spent time with our Picciuti family. I have an adorable photo of Chick Pea sitting in Gramps’ lap. They are making the same face. Toooooo cute.
  • has finally mastered the trampoline. For months now, she would sit on it…and maybe bend her knees…but no jumping. Such a joy to watch her play and laugh as she jumps.
  • calls all fruits and veggies “apple.” Wonderfully, the girl loves her “apples.” Glad to be raising a healthy eater!
  • is fascinated with “airpanes” and always points them out gleefully, “Airpane, airpane!”

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