Eden — Four and Eight

Such a helper!! This kid is killing me with her desire to help. She just jumps in and guides her younger sisters…buckling seat belts, holding bottles, getting a pacifier. I adore the person she is and is becoming.


At four years and eight months, Eden:

  • is a self-starter. Swoon. Am I right?
  • loves to fish. This is good. She comes from a loooooong line of fisher-people.
  • was wildly successful with her first fishing expedition. We were at a friend’s ranch. Eden would throw out her line, and…no lie…within 30-40 seconds, she would have a fish. Every. Time.
  • missed me sooooooooo much when I was away in Haiti. Her misery was sweet and awful. She’s such a precious girl with such a fierce devotion to her people.
  • likes to gather all of our toothbrushes…we have a collection of 15 or so…cause…well, kids’ toothbrushes are colorful and fun. Anyhoo, she lines them all up along the bathtub and talks to them…they are “her friends.”
  • wants me to kiss her “quiet”. Apparently, I give loud smooches. She likes the no-sound-kiss. (Try it some time folks, it’s harder than you think!)
  • loves to say…”STOP! COLLABORATE AND LISTEN.”
  • encourages folks with, “Now that’s a job well done.” I have no idea from whence this adorableness came.
  • loves to race…trikes, running, swimming, walking. She wants to race!
  • likes to whistle to get my attention…but she can’t whistle…so she says, “Woot whooo.”
  • has picked up the word “disgusting.” She uses is quite regularly…and I giggle every time.
  • has made the developmental leap…feeling awkward when I am not fully clothed. Sigh. It was bound to happen. Onward and upward, little girl.
  • is one of my most favorite persons…ever.

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