Denver — Two and Eleven

Denver, Denver…how do I love thee? This bundle of energy delights and frustrates. But have you seen this kid? How can I stay mad at her? Little stinker winker. This is it…the last month of two. I cannot fathom…how did she get so big? So fast? She still leaves me breathless with gratitude…this precious one…given in surrender to me…to us. We love her so.


At two years and eleven months, Denver:

  • is LOUD. She prefers screaming over using her words. And really, with three sisters running about, she might be on to something. And boy, does this girl have a set of lungs on her.
  • has discovered the joys of hiding under the table. Not only is she hidden from view, but once discovered, her gently aging parents struggle with the acrobatics required to pull her out. Little stinker.
  • uses the phrase, “You little stinker winker” a lot. Hmmm, wonder where she picked that one up?
    • loves the “surprise egg” phenomenon popular on YouTube. Baby Big Mouth. Oh yeah, some of you moms know what I’m talking about. I thought she was weird…the only one…but oh no. At a recent MOPS event, I discovered this is a thing. A thing! Anyhoo, the girl loves the surprise egg thingy. Yea Baby Big Mouth.
  • has mad memory verse skills. Mad.
  • nightly asks Phil, “How’s work?” It’s the cutest!
  • asked Chick Pea one night, “How’s work?” Cutie girl.
  • pronounces the word crazy CUH-RAAAZY!
  • smooshes her words together…”I’m verHUNNNGRY.” Don’t know where the girl gets her quirky pronunciations.
  • says “can’t share” for “won’t share.” So when she tells me, “Eden can’t share,” I can’t help but answer, “Oh yes she CAN!”
  • calls yummy food “tasty.” It is the most adorable thing to hear her say, “Oh, Mom! This is very tasty.”
  • calls her apron her cooking dress.
  • sometimes leaves me scratching my head. Okay, often leaves me scratching my head. Here is a little example of a conversation we had:
    • Denver: “I want hummus.”
    • Me: “OK, you can have hummus at lunch.”
    • Denver: “NO! I don’t like hummus.”
  • loves, loves, loves Paw Patrol. In fact, we are having a Paw Patrol birthday party very soon!
  • loves pockets in her clothes. Loves them.
  • sweetly sits beside Chick Pea early in the morning. I NEVER thought this would happen…mainly because Chick Pea is a bit of a pincher…and by a bit, I mean “Watch Out!” Anyhoo, they sweetly sit together on the couch in the morning drinking milk. Swoon.
  • plays with Chick Pea more. Again…shocker as these two butt heads like crazy. Yet more and more, they enjoy each other and giggle, giggle, giggle.
  • screams. Did I mention that? Screams. The girl screams. SCREAMS!
  • makes her family complete.

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