You Know Better!

One of the delights and heartache of parenting is hearing your words come out of your children’s mouths. It cracks me up every time I hear Eden say, “No ma’am!” to her sisters who are being stinkers. However, these phrases…not so much, “You know better!” the worst being “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

Sigh. The beauty and wonder of this parenting gig is the chance to launch these kids into the world as a powerful source of love and light. But first, oh first…our own hearts need healing…so that the words that come out are a balm…not a vat of boiling oil. Ahem.

The deal with Eden’s words of admonishment…nay…condemnation toward her sisters, well, those words are my self-talk phrases…the very voice of self-condemnation. It makes me sad that the voice in my head and heart is so harsh…and it encourages me to be more gentle with myself. Cause like it or not, when I get squeezed, that is the voice that spills out of my mouth…out into the world…all over my spouse and my children. I want my words to bring life and not death.

And so, I endeavor to soften my responses to my own short-comings. Let’s see how this goes! Social experiment #921…in play. This should be good.



3 thoughts on “You Know Better!

  1. Jan – when you endeavor on these social experiments, how do you keep them in mind and how do you know if you are succeeding or not? How do you keep up with 921 experiments? ( I know that is an exaggeration, but still we all have so many things are endeavoring to do, to change?? )

    • Awesome questions. Honestly, I feel like everything in my life involving listening to the Holy Spirit is a social experiment. And since I am always endeavoring to hear His voice, I’m always in the middle of a social experiment…which makes me giggle. So, my endeavors are always on my mind…listen listen, listen. As far as knowing whether or not I’m succeeding, the proof is in the pudding. Am I gentler, kinder, softer…am I becoming more like Him?

      Thanks for the interest, Jana!

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