OH! The Irony.

We are homeschooling this year. And I can tell you one thing for sure…I am option #2. Me, teaching Eden, option 2…no doubt. Option #1 leaves me a bit weepy, as I drop Denver off at option #1 a couple of days a week for preschool. (Why yes, yes we did get a scholarship for a couple of days a week to the school of my dreams, thank you very much.), Anyhoo, we are figuring out this whole homeschooling thing. And it definitely has its perks…#1 being pace. (Whew…do I like a slow stroll.) But I digress…again.

Here’s the deal…I love elementary school. I mean LOVE it. I remember sitting at a round table in kindergarten, in one of those impossibly tiny chairs…hands behind my head…looking up at the ceiling…thinking, Wow! I’m really here. I’m in school. I love this place! 

And now, we have an elementary school at the end of our street…a mere quarter mile from our front door. Annually, I take the kiddos and we walk with the throngs, up our street…scurrying to class for the first day of school…cause…YEA! First day of school! Right? I’m not about to miss the excitement. And this year would have been our first time to actually ENTER the school as…a bonafide student! But…well, we veered a bit from the traditional path.

And wouldn’t you know it, something even COOLER has taken the place of our attending the school at the end of our street. And the irony is making me giggle.

Phil rides the bus to work…daily. And his bus stop is right in front of the school. And his but leaves at 7:33…about 10 minutes prior to the elementary school’s first bell of the day. And yes…Eden, Denver, and I join the throngs of students walking to school (Eden on a scooter and Denver on a big wheel). We wait for the crossing guard. We chat with the kids. We wave to friends as they enter the school building. And we join Phil (who gets there much quicker via bike). And we wait for the bus…right there…in front of the school. By the time we get Phil loaded (lots and lots of hugs and kisses later), the school bell rings. And we “walk” home. Happily. Giddily. With me chuckling to myself the whole way. Life sure is funny.


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